GetBarter: App for Online Payments

GetBarter, also known as Barter by Flutterwave or simply Barter, is an app that allows users to make online transactions such as paying merchants, buying airtime, paying bills and subscriptons, making local and international money transfers and create virtual dollar cards.

What’s Special About Barter?

  • You can use GetBarter app for peer to peer payments. For example, you can use its near-by feature to find friends near you and quickly pay them back or ask for lunch money.
  • You can pay bills and create virtual dollar cards to make international purchases and payments.
  • Barter cards are accepted on platforms such as DSTV, Go-TV, Apple Music, Netflix, Uber, Spotify, Ebay, Amazon, Coursera, Udemy, Facebook, etc. You can create a specific custom card (e.g Netflix card, or DSTV card) or a multifunctional card.
  • 0.2% cashback on payments to select businesses when using your Barter Virtual Card, paid at the end of the month.

How Does Barter By Flutterwave Work (How to Use Barter App)

How to Open a Barter By Flutterwave Account

To open a Barter account, you need to do the following:

  • Open an account on Barter website. Alternatively, dowload GetBarter app for iOs or Android.
  • Pass an account verification process by confirming your email and completing your profile on the settings page.
  • If the verification email hasn’t arrived, check your spam mail folder.

After successfully opening an account, you will have a wallet. To use money in your wallet, you need to generate a Flutterwave Barter card. First you need to fund your wallet in your local currency, then you create your card on the dashboard on their website or app. You don’t need any documents to generate your Barter virtual card. The first card you create is absolutely free. However, you may be charged a small fee when you generate subsequent cards. Barter allows you to create an unlimited number of virtual cards. You can also easily create Barter Flutterwave virtual dollar card. Barter is one of fintech companies offering virtual dollar card in Nigeria.

Barter dollar card

  • Barter virtual dollar cards allow you to make payments and shop online anywhere in the world where your local cards won’t allow you due to restrictions.
  • Barter dollar card limit is USD 2,000 for transfers to Domiciliary Account (in regions where it’s available), USD 500 for transfers to local bank accounts (in regions where it’s available e.g Nigeria) and USD 2,000 for transfers to Barter users worldwide (available everywhere).
  • How to fund Barter dollar card: If you have money in your wallet, create a card in the app and enter the amount you want to be on your dollar card.

How to Add Money to Barter Card

You first need to fund your Barter virtual wallet using your bank card, wire transfer, USSD or mobile money wallets such as M-Pesa., MoMo, etc. Funding your Barter wallet is an easy process, which involves indicating how much you want to have on your Barter wallet. After funding your wallet, you need to fund your Barter by Flutterwave virtual card. There are no limits to how much you can fund your virtual card with. Your virtual card will be a Barter Visa card.

How Do I Use Barter Card to Pay Online?

You can use your Barter physical card or Barter virtual card to pay for goods and services online. Paying online with your virtual card is same as paying with any card. You will have to do the following:

  1. Complete your purchase on the merchant’s site such as Amazon, Ebay, Spotify, etc.
  2. At the checkout page, select your card type (Visa).
  3. Enter your GetBarter card’s details where prompted.
  4. Follow any other on-screen instructions to complete your purchase

Can You Terminate Your Barter Card?

Yes, you can terminate your Barter by Flutterwave card when you have no use for it anymore. If your card has got funds, they will be reversed back to your Batter by Flutterwave wallet. You can then request a withdrawal and your money will be transferred to your bank account.

Where you cannot use GetBarter card

You cannot use your card to buy or exchange cryptocurrencies or on money transfer and currency trading sites.

Barter Flutterwave Fees (Barter By Flutterwave Charges)

Signing up for Barter wallet is free of charge. Moreover, Barter is free when you send money to another Barter user. There is a fee when you withdraw into your bank account or mobile money wallet. There is also a fee when you transfer money from GetBarter back to your funding account. All Nigerian Barter transfers to banks are now at a flat fee of N10, whether you’re transferring N5,000 or N100,000.

GetBarter virtual card in local currency is free. However, if you apply for a physical card, there is a small fee for the creation and shipping of every physical card and the monthly maintenance fee for each card is $1. This is regardless of whether or not the card is active. GetBarter dollar card creation fee is $2 and $5 minimum creation amounts apply. Therefore, you need to have a minimum of the equivalent of $7 to create a new dollar card.

ServiceBarter Flutterwave Fees
Barter fundingFree
Barter Virtual Card creationUnlimited for everyone at $2 per card
Barter authorisation fee$1
Monthly virtual card maintenance fee$1
Cashback0.20% of monthly virtual card spend on select sites
Barter transfers (Nigeria)N10
Bill payment (Nigeria)N50
 barter virtual card limit
GetBarter works as a peer to peer payment solution as well.

Barter By Flutterwave Supported Countries

You can use Barter app in the following countries: Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, United States, Canada, UK and all countries in Europe that use Euro. Supported currencies are Euros, British Pounds, Shillings (Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda), Cedis; Naira, Rand, Canadian Dollars, US Dollars, Rwandan Franc, Zambia Kwacha, Cameroon and Ivory Coast CFA.

Is Barter By Flutterwave Safe?

Any potential user would like to know, “Is Barter safe?” Flutterwave ensures that Barter is 100% secure by operating under the highest security protocol for financial transactions. The platform is PA DSS & PCI DSS Compliant, meaning that it has satisfied highest level of security audit. To add an extra layer of security, you are required to create a PIN code or register your fingerprint. The PIN is requested from you every time a money movement is made from your account.

Barter Alternatives

Other platforms you can use offering similar services are:

Final Thoughts on Barter By Flutterwave

Online payments for stuff like Facebook ads, online subscriptions, online goods, etc, is a huge challenge for many Africans. Barter app intends to make online transactions in Africa to easy, efficient, and safe.

The company is working on plans to allow the unbanked to be able to make online transactions using GetBarter agents. They are also working on plans to expand the service to all African countries.

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