Country Coordinator

FiFi Country Coordinator (FiFi CoCo) location independence potential for passive income challenge and responsibility part of team requirements, responsibilities, tasks, rewards This is a work in progress. We love to hear your feedback and/or interest. As a fifi coco you are in charge of FiFi for your country. You are responsible for growth. You do […]

FiFi Africa

Our mission at FiFi is to provide the best financial comparison information that helps people move forward in their lives, globally. Africa is the continent with the most growth potential. It’s also the biggest challenge, with the most potential reward, both in a financial as well as a human aspect. Africa is the youngest continent […]

Get featured on FiFi

We know how hard it is to build a new company. Especially in finance. One way we can help you is to feature you and your product on FiFi. Whether you have a working product or you’re still in a pre-launch phase, if you want to get more attention, contact us and we’ll write an […]