This is a draft. We published it so we can move faster. Your feedback is very welcome. We’ll be improving this a lot over August 2019.

We are growing fast and we are hiring. Send us a message if you want to write for us.


Who and what are we looking for?

We’re looking for writers across the globe. Currently our focus is Africa, and English, but we are also looking for other languages. See below.

We want to provide quality information, so it’s important that you really enjoy writing about and researching financial topics.

Think of (aspiring) journalists, researchers, folks who have worked for financial institutions, but also students of mathematics, finance, economics, computer science, business.

How does it work?

We’ll start with a test. If we like it we can pay you immediately for it. We don’t pay a lot in Northen European standards, but for African standards we believe we can offer a compelling compensation, for quality writing.

Here’s what we want and how we do it: we’re building a big financial portal, with global content. We are already making money in the Netherlands, soon also in Spain and the US. We don’t plan on making much money in Africa the coming 5 years, but we want to be the first financial portal that takes Africa seriously so we can dominate in a decade from now when most Africans will have access to internet (and financial apps). In September 2019 we launched FiFi in Swahili.

We do "SEO geo-arbitrage". My co-founder Robin and I have been good at SEO for a decade. We want to pay Africans relatively well to write content for Africans as well as for people in the US (and later France). The articles for FiFi Africa are intended to provide good information and also attract links from blogs and quality news sources. That also increases our website’s traffic in the countries where we make money, thus enabling us to hire, train and retain more quality writers in Africa.

How much can FiFi pay?

We only plan to hire a limited number of people, that is, the limit is how many people we can train ourselves. In the mid-term we want to get to a point where we have some more experienced writers

We are self-funded, through search engine optimization and affiliate marketing (mainly in the Netherlands, US, Spain, etc.) and we’re growing this ad income over time.

Future prospects

We do want the people we hire to start their own business at some point (so that they in turn can hire more people), and possibly help them with funding.


We generally aim to provide financial information in a sustainable way, so even when we talk about pay day loans (in the US) we will not be very positive about this (even when making money from the ads). We have done a lot of this already on

How to get started?

There’s many things we’d like to know, maybe it’s easiest to start with this: have you written articles about investing or other financial topics that I can read online?

What’s your impression of FiFi?

Can you tell me a bit about yourself, about your aspirations?




  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Africa


We need someone who understands the value proposition of sound money.
Who understands why blockchain is mostly nonsense.



  • France
  • Afrique


Focus on Germany.


Focus on Brazil.