Identity Guard Review

Identity Guard is a platform that protects individuals’ and businesses’ data from theft and breach. It ensures that your privacy and data are secure and you do not become a victim of identity fraud. You can use it in the event that the security of your data is breached.

The company has partnered with companies like IBM Watson, an artificial intelligence solution, to secure customers’ data against threats and offer identity protection. The mission of Identity Guard is to educate and empower its customers on how to secure their personal information and protect it from fraud, theft and misrepresentation.

How Identity Guard Works

There is an increase in online identity theft cases. As such, Identity Guard app comes to address this challenge.

Identity Guard has partnered with IBM Watson to offer data protection to customers. The two companies work together by constantly scanning and monitoring information online to detect threats. When they detect any threat, they will send you quick alerts so that you can act to protect your personal information. They send these alerts via SMS, Identity Guard app and email. Alerts can be sent due to activities like:

  • Critical financial risk. You can get notified if there is a change of information in your account. It helps you take action in case you are not the one who changed the information.
  • Credit card number. Identity Guard will send you a quick notification when it finds that your credit card information is insecure. It will also notify you of the kind of risk your card is at.
  • Threat alert. If you have an account online, your data could be stolen by hackers. Hackers can steal information like email addresses, names and phone numbers from web profiles.

Once Identity Guard has sent you these quick alerts, you can take appropriate action to secure your data. Once it has detected a threat, it will also help you resolve it. You will be provided with expert guidance and a personal case manager to help you from the beginning to the end.

Identity Guard also has a $1 million insurance policy that covers customers. In case your private information is stolen, you get a reimbursement.

Identity Guard Features

If you sign up for Identity Guard, you will be enjoying the following features.

  • Identity Guard credit monitoring. Identity Guard monitors your credit score from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You will receive monthly Identity Guard credit reports.
  • Personal finance monitoring. Identity Guard monitors your debit/credit cards, checking and savings accounts. For example, if there is any attempt to use your card or bank account information, you will be notified.
  • Dark web scan. There are many cyber-crimes that occur on the dark web. Identity Guard alerts you whenever your passwords or other critical information are found on the dark web.
  • Monitors criminal and sexual offenses. Identity Guard notifies users in case it finds their names in police or sex offender registry.
  • USPS address monitoring. Identity Guard monitors your mail and ensures that it is not redirected to someone else. In case it is, Identity Guard will notify you.
  • Risk management report. From time to time, Identity Guard will send you reports of what risks of identity fraud you were exposed to.
  • Safe browsing tools. Identity Guard comes with a browser extension that ensures the privacy of your data on the sites you visit on the internet. It blocks ads, trackers, and data mining and secures your privacy online.
  • Social insight report. Using artificial intelligence, Identity Guard analyses your online brand and suggests improvements.
  • Home title monitoring and 401k protection. Title fraud happens when someone steals the title or deed of your home and uses it for their personal financial gain.

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Identity Guard Plans

Aura Identity Guard plans have two options.

  • Identity Guard individual plan. The personal plan starts at $8.99.
  • Identity Guard family plan. The entire family plan starts at $14.99.

For the personal plans, Identity Guard has three plans.

  • Value Plan. It comes with identity monitoring but it does not have credit report-related features. It is best suited for customers who are on a tight budget and are looking for safety, recovery and insurance coverage.
  • Total Plan. It comes with credit monitoring features and you get notifications in case of a change in credit reports and scores. It also provides identity monitoring and fraud protection.
  • Ultra Plan. It incorporates all features included in Value Plan and Total Plan. It is a perfect match for people who want to have a check in the credit details and improve their credit score.

Identity Guard Fees

Identity Guard Individual PlanIdentity Guard Individual PlanIdentity Guard Family PlanIdentity Guard Family Plan
PlanMonthly Identity Guard CostAnnual Identity Guard CostMonthly Identity Guard CostAnnual Identity Guard Cost

Identity Guard App

You can download the Identity Guard app from Google Play Store or App Store. There are several negative reviews on Apps Store with a rating of 2.3 out of 5 stars. However, it’s rating on the Google Play store is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The app is available for both mobile and desktop.

Identity Guard Customer Support

Aura Identity Guard has customer support available on phone and is open on weekdays from 8 am to 11 pm. On Saturdays, it is available between 9 am and 6 pm EST. It also has online customer support via its website.

Identity Guard Pros

  • $1 million insurance policy that covers identity theft, meaning that you are eligible to receive up to $1 million in compensation
  • You can enjoy discounts if you opt for yearly plans
  • Excellent customer service

Identity Guard Cons

  • No free trial (there is, however, a 30-day money-back guarantee if you cancel 30 days after purchasing the annual plan)
  • The broadest plan is expensive
  • The basic plan does not come with credit monitoring

Is Identity Guard Safe? Is Identity Guard Legit? i

It is generally safe to use Identity Guard as an identity theft guard. Information that you need to provide to Identity Guard app include Social Security Number, passwords, credit/debit card information, username, birthday, payment information, etc. Fortunately, Identity Guard encrypts all this information.

Identity Guard Alternatives

You can use the following companies to secure your data and personal information.

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