InstaKin Review

InstaKin is a task management platform that helps migrants manage tasks in Pakistan. The tasks may include paying home bills, sending gifts, property managements, elderly care, document certification, hiring runners etc. When migrants have tasks to do in their home countries, they depend on their family members or other people to do them on their behalf. In most cases, a good percentage of money paid for these tasks go to waste.

InstaKin founders are Yasir and Zain while InstaKin funding is from Antler and MassChallenge. The founders are Pakistani immigrants who lived in the US and Europe. They were facing challenges like money getting misused and vendors failing meet their obligations. They started InstaKin to address these challenges.

If a migrant in the US wants to hire a contractor for renovations back home, InstaKin will connect them with a trusted vendor to manage the task. Not only that, the migrant can pay the contractor directly based on milestones. No need to run around anymore. Being far from home, it is hard to have direct access to reliable vendors. Unknown vendors would push for advance payments and then disappear. Worse, funds sent back to a family friend would be misused.

How InstaKin Works

InstaKin helps migrants manage various tasks back in their home countries. Migrants can pay vendors based on completed milestones. It means that migrants can pay vendors in batches for work done. This prevents pilferage and fraud. On the other hand, InstaKin provides vendors with source of income back at home.

At the moment, InstaKin partners with local services providers in Pakistan to help Pakistanis overseas manage tasks back at home. InstaKin save users the cost and the stress of using unreliable vendors.

To use InstaKin service, contact Instakin’s team through InstaKin website by clicking on “Contact Us” and let them know what you need. InstaKin customer service team will coordinate and gather all the information from you and provide you with a timeline and a quote. You will then make an online payment. InstaKin will work with their network of vendors to complete your order’s requirements. Finally, they will give you a full report with 100% guarantee.

How to Pay for InstaKin Services

You can pay for InstaKin services via InstaKin App, cash on delivery at your home in Pakistan and bank transfer.

Features of InstaKin

We are not a remittance company. We provide direct access to verified business vendors.

Services provided by InstaKin include the following.

  • Documentation. InstaKin service for people who need certification, verification, or attestation of any document. The service can even help you with the issuance of brand new or replacement documents.
  • Elderly care. If one is living abroad and the aged persons are back home, InstaKin will arrange everything to make sure that the elderly are comfortable, relaxed, and well taken off.
  • Educational counseling service. This is a service by InstaKin that helps people who wants to get higher education in countries like USA, UK, Australia and Canada.
  • Property advisory service. This is a service by InstaKin that helps InstaKin users procure and manage their property portfolio through effective strategies.
  • Gift Delivery Service. This is an exciting service that allows overseas Pakistanis to send gifts to their loved ones back at home.
  • InstaPay Service. It is a service that helps one pay vendors for completed milestones back at home. It eliminates fraud when one is making payments to vendors.
  • Insta Runner Service. This is a service that allows people to hire and pay an errand runner back at home.
  • Event management. InstaKin can take care of events back home such as marriages, anniversaries, or any special events.
  • InstaKin immigration services. It provides experienced, certified, and government recognized advisers for immigration services for people who want to relocate to Canada and Australia.

InstaKin App

You can join InstaKin waitlist to access Instakin app.

You can perform the following tasks using the InstaKin app:

  • Send gifts back at home through the Gift Delivery Service
  • Pay bills without having to use unreliable vendors
  • Pay vendors for completed milestones through InstaPay Service
  • Hire a runner for errands back at home using Insta Runner Service

Communication on InstaKin

You can communicate with vendors in real-time. It is because InstaKin has a live chat that you can use to communicate with vendors.

Is InstaKin Secure?

InstaKin is a secure and reliable service. Your information is protected and it is never shared with anyone else. Also, it has an integrated payment solution that guarantees the security of your payment information.

Final Word

If you are an immigrant and you are looking for an easy and convenient way to manage your projects back home, consider using InstaKin. It comes with great features that help you pay vendors for complete milestones, hire and pay an errand runner and also send gifts to your loved ones. You can also use the app to procure and manage properties.

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