Best Investment Banks in Kenya

Individuals and companies in Kenya are growing their wealth by saving their hard-earned money in banks. There are many banks in Kenya through which you can put your investment. Investment banks in Kenya are regulated by the Capital Markets Authority and Nairobi Securities Exchange.

What is an investment bank? What does an investment bank do in Kenya? An investment bank is a financial institution or a special corporate division within a bank in Kenya that advises individuals, governments and corporations in financial transactions such as raising capital, mergers and acquisitions, buying and selling of Kenyan securities, futures, market research, etc.

Factors to Consider when Choosing an Investment Bank in Kenya

There are many banks through which you can invest your money in Kenya. Any bank can be ideal for you depending on your investment needs. There are several factors to consider when choosing the best investment bank in Kenya. They include the following:


The right place to invest is the place where you can easily access. A bank might be offering all you need but if you cannot access it, then it might not be beneficial to you. If you can easily access a bank’s services from your location, then it’s one of the best choices.

Adequate Resources

The best bank to invest in should be stable. If you choose a bank with inadequate resources, it may soon go bankrupt and your investments may be affected.

The Bank’s Reputation and Experience

It is advisable to check a bank’s reviews to see what people are saying about its services. If the bank has lots of negative reviews, then its not the best place to invest. It is also important to check how long the bank has been in operation and how many deals it has closed successfully.

Chemistry and Trust

When you put your money in a financial institution, you have no control over it. It is therefore important to ensure that you put your money in a trusted institution. Professionals working with the bank should be able to take care of your investments.

Best Investment Banks in Kenya

After considering the above factors, you are in a position to choose the best investment bank in Kenya. They include the following banks:

Stanbic Bank Kenya

Stanbic Bank Kenya is a member of the Standard Bank Group and has been leading other investment banks in Kenya. It was recognized as Kenya’s Best Investment Bank by EuroMoney Awards for Excellence 2020. Stanbic Bank offers several services to its customers including financial advice, personal loans, cash management, foreign exchange, equity, etc.

SBG Securities (Stanbic and SBG are part of the Standard Group Kenya) is an appointed Central Depository Agent (CDA). It facilitates buying and selling of shares, bonds, stocks, etc. SGB’s M-shares is a platform that enables Kenyans to buy and sell shares using their mobile phones and USSD code *209#. iTrader is SBG’s platform for 24 hour access to trading account, real time market prices and order placement, access to transaction statements, stock holding and portfolio evaluation.

African Alliance Investment Bank (AAIB)

The African Alliance Kenya Investment Bank Limited (AAIB) originates from South Africa but it operates across Africa, including Kenya. The African Alliance Investment Bank specializes in securities, financial research, corporate finance, stockbroking, private equity, wealth management, third-party administration and unit trusts in Kenya.

Equity Bank Kenya

Equity Bank’s original aim was to empower poor people in Kenya and is currently among the top investment banks in the country. Equity investment bank in Kenya offers investment accounts and enables private, corporate, SMEs and Chama to buy and sell shares, treasury bonds and treasury bills.

Foreigners can also own Equity bank accounts from any location and Kenyans abroad can open Diaspora bank account in Kenya with Equity bank and start investing.

Equity’s other popular products include the Eazzy Chama )an online investment platform for group members to manage their investment), Equitel sim card (used to deposit, withdraw, and apply for loans and bank statements) and the wings to fly scholarships for bright needy kids.

ABC Bank/ ABC Capital

ABC bank comprises of ABC Capital Bank, ABC Capital, and ABC Insurance. The bank provides advice and guidance on investing in the Kenyan capital markets, portfolio management, corporate finance, and stock brokerage. It helps clients invest funds into financial instruments such as bonds at a commission. Moreover, it offers Diaspora investment solutions for Kenyans abroad.

ABC Capital Kenya services include buying and selling of securities, providing custodial brokerage services, clearing and settlement of trades.

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK)

The Central Bank of Kenya formulates monetary policies and promotes price stability in Kenya. It also issues currency and offers investment options with Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds. For Treasury Bills, the minimum you can invest is Ksh 100, 000 and a minimum of Ksh 50, 000 for Treasury Bonds. However, CBK has recently added the M-Akiba investment option to its products to allow even the low-income Kenyans to invest in bonds with as little as Ksh 3, 000. You can read our in-depth review of how to invest in government bonds in Kenya.

Dyer and Blair Investment Bank Kenya

Dyer and Blair Investment Bank is one of the founding members of the Nairobi Securities Exchange. It became a full-fledged licensed investment bank in 2004. Investment banking services offers by Dyer and Blair include capital raising services, stock brokerage, bespoke global investment solutions for high net worth individuals, wealth management, financial research and online trading platform. Dyer and Blair online trading app called Edge, Android and iOS, allows users to get stock recommendation, real-time quotes, place buy and sell orders on smartphones.

Faida Investment Bank Kenya

Faida Investment Bank deals with the buying and selling of shares and securities in the Nairobi Stock Exchange. Faida investment bank in Kenya offers services for investors interested in trading in securities issued by public quoted companies and the government. With its online trading platform, Faida M-Trader, users can engage in online trading in Kenya using Android or iOS app.

NCBA Investment Bank Kenya

NCBA Investment Bank is a member of the Nairobi Securities Exchange. The banks buys and sells shares on behalf of its clients at the Nairobi Securities Exchange. Its clients include local and foreign fund managers, hedge funds, insurance companies, high net worth and retail clients.

In addition, the bank has a web based investment platform, the NCBA Online Share Trading (OST). You can also use NCBA trading app available for Android and iOS users for mobile trading. You can trade online in equities, shares, derivatives, and bonds.

Salaam Investment Bank Kenya

Salaam Investment Bank is one of the leading investment banks in Kenya. Its investment banking services ranges from marketable securities trading, commodity trading, property fund management, private wealth management, corporate finance, advisory and research, and real estate investment in Kenya to individuals, institutions, corporate and high net worth clients.

Final Thoughts on Best Investment Banks in Kenya

Investment banks in Kenya provide a wide range of services in the financial sector to individuals, government and corporates. These include wealth and asset management, underwriting of securities, advisory, stock brokerage, etc. Finding the best investment bank in Kenya will largely depend on your investment needs.

Based in Mombasa, Kenya, Daisy is our African expert writer and researcher specilising in banking, cryptocurrency, and general personal finance issues in Africa. Daisy is a graduate of Chuka University in Nairobi, Kenya.