Nuri Online Bank: a Fiat Currency and Crypto Bank

Nuri is an online bank that will soon stop to operate. It enabled you to manage Euro and Bitcoin deposits in a single account. With the Nuri account, you caould save, withdraw, and automatically exchange fiat currencies for bitcoin via their Bitcoin investment or savings account. Nuri offered a German IBAN, SEPA transfers, international payments services and Visa debit card.

Nuri filled for insolvency on August 9, 2022 due to the recent global and economic developments, which have put a strain on Nuri’s liquidity. On October 18, 2022, the bank asked its customers to withdraw their funds by 18/12/2022 the latest, so the business can be terminated and liquidated. Customers have access and will be able to withdraw all funds until the aforementioned date. All assets in your Nuri account are safe and unaffected by Nuri’s insolvency. Trading will be possible until 30/11/2022. Find FAQ regarding the issue here. Nuri alternatives include Revolut and OnJuno (in USA). Read our review of Nuri alternatives.

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