Chargify is a platform used for managing subscriptions and recurring bills designed for businesses. Chargify aims to bring to an end the billing bottlenecks by offering services such as recurring bills, managing offers, retaining revenues, analytics and integration with third parties. Founded in 2009, Chargify is built for software as a service (SaaS).


With Chargify, your business can launch new products, sign up new customers and manage customer subscriptions. Chargify works for all companies, whether it is a startup or an established company, regardless of the industry. Its tools will help you to make informed decisions and prioritize essential things for your businesses.

How Chargify Works

Billing & Revenue Management for B2B SaaS

To use Chargify to charge your customers, you will need to first link your Chargify account to a payment gateway and a merchant account. An example of a payment gateway can be Shopify or any other while a merchant account example can be a bank or a broker. In most cases, money should flow from customers to your businesses. However, in some cases, it can flow back to the customers. For instance, if you have issued a refund.

When a customer makes a purchase, it will only take a few days for your businesses to receive payment through the bank. However, during this time, the customers can ask the bank to return his money at any time. Assuming that your business is dissolved and the customer asks for his money back, the bank will experience credit risk. For this reason, banks charge a discount rate for Merchant Accounts for all transactions. The fee is around 2-4% of the transaction amount and a flat fee of 30 cents.


On the other hand, the payment gateway gives you access to your Merchant Account. It allows you to manage your bills such as processing bills, set up recurring bills, view transaction history and make refunds to customers. Besides, you can use the payment gateway for fraud prevention and secure data storage for your credit cards. Most payment gateways charge between 5-10 cents for every transaction and a monthly fee of between $20 to 3$0. Other charges include data security at the cost of $20 monthly and fraud prevention, usually around 5 cents for every address verification.

Chargify Benefits

Chargify can be integrated with various payment platforms allowing you to manage billings at your comfort. Luckily, Chargify does not charge transaction fees and there is no need to sign up. The following are some benefits you can enjoy.

  • Free trial period.
  • Set up fees.
  • Custom billing dates.
  • Automatic billing by use of credit cards or PayPal.

Chargify Features

  • Recurring billing system.
  • Invoicing.
  • Subscription management.
  • Multi-Gateway support.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Dunning management.
  • Business Intelligence tools.
  • Data security.
  • Customer portal.

Chargify’s Solutions for Your Business

subscription billing software

Chargify has partnered with Avalara for international tax management.

  • Tax collection. Chargify will help your businesses in the management taxes for customers from various countries. It has partnered with Avalara, cloud software used to manage taxes. Avalara offers you instant sales tax decisions based on your location. Chargify will then calculate and bill sales tax in real-time based on the shipping address.
  • Promote sales and marketing. Chargify gets rid of roadblocks enabling team members close deals. With Chargify, you can create custom pricing and accelerate campaigns and promotions. You can do all this through admin UI without the need to wait for development resources.
  • Reviving risky accounts. Chargify enables you to communicate with your customers and ensure that due accounts get paid before the account cancelation. You can create a grace period, payment retries and communication of customers about any failed transaction. The advantage of Chargify is to help you retain over 20 percent of revenues that could have been lost as a result of payment failure.