What to Do With Old Stuff?

Are you wondering how you can get rid of old or broken stuff in your house? You can make money from them or give them to charity. Either way, you will have free space in your room. Probably you are new wondering, where can I sell these items? The following are ideas article will give you ideas on what to do with broken or old stuff. You have four options on how you can handle old things in your house.

  • Selling old or broken items
  • Donating old stuff to charity
  • Upcycle the items
  • Recycle your items

Our primary focus will be on how you can make money from old or broken items in your house.

1. Selling Old or Broken Items

You can make money using those items you no longer use. One of the ways is to sell them. If the items are electronics, you can sell them through the following platforms.

  • Gazelle. Gazelle buys smartphones tablets, laptops and desktops in the UK. Fortunately, they purchase these electronics in cash.

  • Decluttr. Do you have old or used CDs, DVDs, games or books? You can sell them to Decluttr in cash. It is free to use Decluttr.

  • Glyde. They buy old and broken electronics such as smartphones, tablets, MacBooks and video games. You get value from your items.

  • Amazon seller. You need to put your items on Amazon and indicate the price and the shipping fee. A million customers will view the product.

  • Craigslist. Indicate the price of the item and your location and then advertise the product in Craigslist.

In the case of clothing items, you can sell them through the following platforms.

  • Swap.com is the largest online store for baby and women products. You can sell your baby’s clothes or items you no longer need. When buying products through swap.com, you can save 90% off the price in other stores.
  • Poshmark. This is an online store for clothing. It has stringent security features to protect sellers and buyers.

When you want to sell books, use the following platforms.

  • AbeBooks. It is a worldwide store that sells new, used and out of print books. You can reach out to millions of customer willing to buy the book you wish to sell.
  • Book-A-Million. This is the second-largest store in the U.S selling books. You can also sell toys and gifts.

  • Amazon Seller. Add your items in Amazon where there are potential million customers. You can opt to ship the book in Amazon or by yourself.

For the case of toys, use the following platforms.

  • Facebook Groups. Look for groups with people living in your neighborhood and are interested in reading books. Advertise the book on the group and you will get a person willing to buy it.
  • NextDoor. This is an incredible platform where you post a product and in a few hours, you get someone willing to buy.
  • Craigslist. Indicate your location and then post your product. Then agree with the buyer where to meet.

  • Consignments shops. They are the easiest way to sell toys. Be aware that they may take a significant amount of your money since they offer higher credit.

2. Donating Old Stuff to Charity

The other way you can get rid of your old and broken stuff from your house or store is by giving them to charity or friends who may be interested in them.

  • Old Fashion Donation Drop-off is among communities where you can donate your items. Give them a call to know what they accept since some do not accept electronics. Some of these communities include the Salvation Army and churches.
  • Donation pick-up is the other organization you can offer your donation. Give them a call, inform them your location and then leave your donation in front of your door and they will pick it up. These organizations include Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army and Vietnam Veterans of America.

  • Give Back Box. When you have made a purchase, you can donate the shipping box or other household items you are not using. You can give out shoes or clothing and make a difference in someone’s life.

3. Upcycle the Items

What you regard as trash could be someone else’s treasure. By upcycling, you will give the old or broken item a new life. Some of the things that you can upcycle include; glass vases, desks and frames. Look for ways to upcycle different products.

4. Recycle Your Items

There items you can recycle instead of selling or donating. You can opt to upcycle or recycle them. Some of the things need a repair and they will continue being of use in your household. Different products have various ways of recycling. Look for a specific way you can recycle your product.

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