Penta Bank is a German fintech firm offering digital banking services. With its headquarters in Berlin, Germany, it offers services to small enterprises and businesses. Its services are only available for companies registered in Germany. You can open an account even if you are abroad as long as the business is registered in Germany. The bank was founded in May 2016 and has partnered with solarisBank to continue offering quality services to startups, small size, and medium-sized businesses.


The motive of the bank is to help SMEs to grow since the process of opening a bank account for small businesses is usually cumbersome, while the SMEs remain underserved by the incumbent banks. Penta Bank does not operate under its own banking license; instead, it operates under solarisBank’s banking license. Funds in Penta are secure since the European Deposit Insurance Scheme secures them.

Penta App/ Website

Penta customers can access its services through different apps. The bank has several apps that are key to business operations. The apps are available for Android and iOS. The bank also has a web application that you can use for banking services. One of their apps is useful in accounting. The app allows users to export CVS files of a business’s transactions.

Countries Where Penta is Available

Since the bank started its operations in December 2017, it is offering business banking services in Italy. Previously, the bank was only available for German businesses. However, the bank has plans to expand its operations to other European countries.


Languages Supported by Penta Bank and its Customer Support

Penta banking services and customer support services are available in English, Italian and German. You can contact the bank through a phone call, social media and via email. The bank has a Slack Community if you wish to talk to the Penta team.

Penta Services and Products

Penta has a wide array of products and services for its customers. When you open an account with Penta, you get a free German IBAN. The services include accounting services, managing expenses and charging customers. Besides, your business can also get a loan from the bank.

With Penta, you can get Visa Cards for your employees so that you do not have to pass one card around. They can then spend anywhere with the visa card. Besides, your team can prepare payments so that you can then approve where you can authorize many payments with only one TAN (transaction authentication number).

You can also attach photos of your receipts either from your phone or computer. You can then track the spending on every project. This is possible since you can categorize each transaction for easy tracking.

Benefits of Opening Penta Current Account

  • You can acquire as many visa cards as you wish with a limit of 25,000 euros for every card.
  • Fasts and friendly customer support
  • The bank was founded by business owners hence it is customers friendly
  • It is free when starting and you as your business grows
  • Deposit guarantee scheme with a cap of 100,000 euros
  • Corporate MasterCard
  • Interactive slack community

Penta Business Account

Penta Bank is only available for startups, freelancers, small and medium-sized enterprises based in Germany. The account is also available for common legal forms such as AG, GmbH, GbR, KG or UG. When you open a business account with Penta, the account is linked to a business MasterCard which you can use to make cash withdrawals anywhere in the world. You can make a maximum of 50 transfers every month free of charge. Beyond 50 transfers, each transfer attracts a fee of 0.2 euro. One user can only manage an account.

Penta Bank Online Customer Reviews

Penta Bank has 70 reviews on TrustPilot. The bank has a user experience rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. Out of the 71 reviews, 65% represent customers who rated their banking experience as “excellent,” 10% as “great,” and 25% as “bad.” Many of the users commended the bank for its quick customer support and for continually improving its services. However, some users expressed dissatisfaction with the bank no approving their business accounts despite their banks being registered in Germany.