Review of Best Virtual Offices in US

Virtual offices are a great option for small businesses and freelancers. They come with services such as official mailing addresses, virtual assistance, data storage, receptionist services and voicemail services. There is usually a physical space with Wi-Fi for meetings.


<!– comment/ feedback from Robin: a Virtual office is actually not a real office that you go and visit. It simply comes with services such as a registration address for your business, mail and phone services, etc. There are many global services that offer you this service, but also a great many local services. For example, for Amsterdam alone there are more than 5 local services for this purpose alone. So it’s not about working virtually (like via zoom/skype). But simply having an address location mostly for registration purposes and to receive mail/ phone calls.

An interesting add-on is the possibility to rent meeting-rooms, or even to have a desk. This is where services such as Regus come into place. When traveling a lot, and visiting many cities, states and countries, it’s a great service to actually have a desk in all Regus office-buildings. This comes on top of the basic virtual office package.

Use cases are freelancers and other small business owners that work from home and need an address that’s not their home address. Larger companies with sales agents, account managers or support agents that have to travel a lot.


What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is common with small businesses and usually offers a physical address with office-related services without having to lease an office for a long time. A virtual office allows employees to work and interact virtually while enjoying mailing services, phone answering services and meeting rooms within the business.

Virtual office services started in the 1960s as serviced offices and have evolved with technology to include a wide variety of personnel, physical space, digital storage and communication services. Customers pay a contract fee for these services which may be offered à la carte, as packages or membership subscription. The concept is popular with companies of all sizes, including self-employed entrepreneurs. One of the primary allures of the virtual office is the flexibility it offers for employees and freelancers to work from a satellite office, home office, remote location or even on-the-go via a mobile device. At the same time, a company can offer its clients and employees a stable home office with access to amenities such as receptionist, conference rooms, desk space, mailboxes, printing and faxing at a permanent address, which are owned and maintained by the virtual office provider or a third party. Virtual office providers may also include digital capital such as cloud storage, web hosting, email and other web-based applications. – Wikipedia

How Do I Get a US Virtual Office?

If you have a small business and you want to give it a professional image, then it is best that you get a virtual office. You can set up a virtual office whether you work from home or you are a frequent traveler. Your organization will look functional and professional. To set up a virtual office in the USA, you need to:

  • Obtain virtual business address. To have a professional business, you will need to display your business address on your website. You can use it to receive mails for your business.
  • Get a virtual phone number. You need to get a phone number with the country code of the recipient. Many people tend to ignore international calls. Having a phone number with a local code will help you connect better with potential clients.
  • Get a business domain name. You need to have a good domain name that is in line with your services and website. With a good website, you will enhance your ranking on search engines and make it easy to find clients. You can then get custom emails using your business domain name instead of using Gmail and yahoo.
  • Bank account. You may also need to open a US bank account. It is challenging to open a bank account without a business location in the US. You can use payment gateways like Stripe to help you have a business bank account for your business. You can use it for international transactions.

Best Virtual Offices in the US

Davinci Virtual Office

Davinci Virtual Office is present in all the US states. It is a great option for international businesses. It offers in-person services like a business support center and registered agent. They have meeting rooms that usually have A/V equipment, Wi-Fi and catering options.

They have reception services, toll-free number, live answering, voicemail management in their basic package. The premium package offers customer care, virtual assistant services, order processing and appointment scheduling.
Their pricing varies from one location to the other. However, Davinci fees for the basic plan range between $49 and $200 per month. During the first contract, you will need to pay a setup fee of between $150 and $200.

Clevver Virtual Office

Clevver is a virtual office for freelancers, small businesses, digital nomads and private individuals. It is a great deal for people who want an address in another country. To start enjoying Clevver services, you need to sign up through the browser or Clevver app available on Google Play and Apple Store.

Among the solutions offered by Clevver include:

  • ClevverMail. It is available in 60 locations. You can have your mail scanned or forwarded to your mail by the team. Its pricing starts from €5.45 per month.
  • Clevver Number. It comes with a toll-free and telephone number in 80 countries. The pricing depends on the country and the type of phone number.
  • Registered address. You need an address for business incorporation. An address also makes your business have a professional image. Clevver fees start from €19.95.

You can pay for Clevver services using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or a bank transfer. It supports English, Spanish, French and German languages.

Regus Virtual Office

Regus is a virtual office that has over 1,000 offices within the US and is available in 150 countries. Regus office rental costs $19 per hour. Regus has three virtual office packages:

  • Basic package. It comes with a physical address that comes with mail handling and forwarding services. Its pricing starts at $37 per month.
  • Mid-level. It gives access to the business lounge, local phone number with a reception to answer calls. Its pricing starts from $150 per month.
  • Top-end. It comes with 5 days access to the office with an office desk and daily meeting room. Its pricing starts from $207 per month.

You can pay your monthly bills through electronic payment, direct debit, standing order, or credit card.

Servcorp Virtual Office

Servcorp is a virtual office offering address, mail, phone services with receptionist services. You also get access to free co-working space daily and a private office for 8 hours a month. You also get a personal assistant, access to Wi-Fi and a business networking community. The pricing for the above package is $700 per month.

Besides, they have cheaper packages for beginners whose prices start from $100 per month. In the US, they are available in the following cities, New York, Washington, Chicago and Houston.

Sococo Virtual Office

Sococo is a virtual office where employees can freely interact with each other. It offers a virtual office that looks almost like a physical office with a digital floor and décor options. Through the Sococo office, employees can interact with each other, co-work, collaborate and share documents.

You can check the availability of other woks and request to have a meeting with them by knocking a virtual door. Sococo makes use of Zoom, Google Meet and Webex tools for meetings and collaboration. You can also download Sococo app on Google Play or Apple Store.

Sococo pricing is based on the number of users. For more than 10 users, you will pay $13.49 per user per month while that for more than 100 users, you will pay $24.99 per month.

Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office is a great option for those looking for a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant will help you run many tasks within your administrative office. They will provide you with virtual assistants that also offer reception services.

Intelligent Office is only available in 20 States of the US and 3 Canadian provinces. Therefore, if your business is outside their available locations, you may need to look elsewhere.

Final Thoughts on Virtual Office in US

Having a virtual office for your business is a great deal, whether you are a small business, freelancer, or nomad. A virtual office helps your business to run administrative roles just like a physical office. With a virtual office, you will enjoy other services like registration address, receptionist services, customer care service and virtual assistance.

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