Best Virtual Offices Worldwide

Businesses and startups are figuring out workplace strategies. Many startups are preferring virtual offices since they are more flexible and cut down on transport expenses. Virtual offices are suitable for small businesses and give them physical addresses and office administrative services. Through a virtual office, a business can send and receive mails, answer phone calls and get receptionist services.

What is a Virtual Office?

The term virtual office can seem like it is not a real or physical office. In essence, a virtual office gives businesses a physical address and office-related services without the need for administrative staff or a long lease. Employees can work virtually and yet access mailing services, answer phone calls, and attend meetings.

Types of Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are of different kinds and offer different services. The following are the types of virtual offices and the services they offer.

1. Co-working Virtual Office

Co-working virtual offices are open offices from where people work. It is an ideal option for a business that does not want to incur overhead costs. Employees from different corporates can work in one co-working office. However, the downside is that it can be noisy. A co-working virtual office offers a business address and a working venue, mail forwarding and sorting of incoming mail, and access to working space and meeting rooms.

2. Virtual Address

A virtual address is a type of virtual office that offers your business a post office service. You get a business address that you can use for mailing services. It helps you separate your home address from your business address.

3. Live Receptionist and Phone Services

All the types of virtual offices are now offering live receptionists and phone services. You can have your business calls answered on weekdays during working hours. You will be given a local toll-free phone number with VoIP phone service.

4. Virtual Office and Part-Time Workspace

This is a virtual office that gives you access to a business address, mail sorting, and mail forwarding. You also get a certain amount of access to prepaid access to the workspace and meeting rooms.

5. Business Address and Mail Forwarding

This is a low-cost virtual office that offers the basics like business address and mail forwarding. It also sorts incoming mail and access to conference rooms and workspaces. If you have a multinational firm that can help you set up a point of contact in a specific city.

Best Virtual Office Companies Worldwide

If you want to start setting up a virtual office, then it is best if you consider getting the best virtual office space. Make sure that the company you hire offers international virtual office services. Compare virtual office costs and services offered by different companies. The following is a list of top virtual office companies.


Regus is one of the best virtual offices in Europe, America and Africa. It offers a global network of workspace, access to meeting rooms, desk space, and business addresses in different locations across Europe like in the UK. It is also available in 120 countries like the US, India, Kenya, and Dubai.


Rovva is a virtual office that is supported in different countries across the world. It is available in countries like the US, UK, and Kenya. It gives businesses a chance to network with business lounges. Their virtual offices offer services like virtual address and mail, virtual office mobile, and free access to a private office for up to 5 days.


Alliance Virtual Offices are available in different countries across the world like the USA, Germany Mexico, UAE, Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the UK. It is also available in African countries like Nigeria and Algeria. They offer services like mail forwarding, mail receipt, VOIP phone system, live receptionist, private offices, and a local free toll number. Charges vary from one country to the other.


ServCorp is one of the best virtual offices in Dubai. It is supported in over 150 countries worldwide like the UK and US. These offices provide you with almost anything you need. Among the services, they offer include an address, local phone number, and a dedicated receptionist. They also offer up to 3 hours a day of access to coworking space and 3 days of free private office usage.


Cofynd is one of the best virtual offices in India. It offers a wide variety of services like access to the meeting room, business address, mailing address, reception services, GST registration, and company registration. This makes it one of the best virtual offices for small businesses in India. It offers 100% offline support and does not charge booking fees.


Clevver is one of the best virtual offices in Germany. It is also available in many other countries across the world like the US and the UK. It offers a wide variety of services like secure mailing address, toll-free number, registered address, document storage, online post office, and file management. It is fully digital and has 24/7 online access.



Davinci is one of the best virtual offices in the US. It is available in 45 countries like Germany, the UK, and Dubai. It is a great option for businesses looking for the best virtual office services. If you have a business that is operating in different countries, you should consider Davinci. They offer voicemail management, live answering, toll-free number, meeting rooms, and access to Wi-Fi.


EOffice is a co-working space in London and has a presence in over 60 countries worldwide. It offers some of the best virtual office services. It has an open-plan workspace and a working environment to make everyone feel comfortable. It is a great option for international businesses. It offers services like business addresses and phone answering services.


Sococo is among the best virtual offices for small businesses. It does not have a physical space but offers an online office that looks like a real office. Your employees can interact with each other, and share documents and presentations. With Sococo, you can even hold an online meeting. Sococo integrates Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex.

Summary of Best Virtual Office Worldwide

The above is a list of some of the best virtual offices worldwide. Most of these virtual office companies are available in multiple companies. They are a good option for multinational small businesses. Virtual offices are convenient and suitable for small businesses that are looking for mailing addresses and office services.

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