Free Baby Stuff in the UK

Are you expecting a child, or do you already have one? Congratulations. Shopping for baby stuff is expensive and straining. There is a lot of baby stuff that you need to buy like clothes, nappies, and other baby products like wipes and baby powder. All this costs a lot of money and the stress that comes with shopping.

Many brands are offering free baby stuff in the UK. Expectant mothers have not been left behind, since there is also free stuff for them. We are going to focus on some of these brands that offer free stuff in the UK and how to get them.

Where Can I Get Free Baby Stuff Online?

Many brands are offering free baby stuff and to get one, you need to register on their websites. Some brands will require you to join their membership club. Others require you to meet some qualifications. For instance, they might require you to have shopped for some of their products before they can offer you free baby stuff.

The simplest way to get free baby stuff online, decide what free stuff you want to get, check out brands offering those products for free, and then find out what are the qualifications.

How Can I Get a Free Baby Box UK?

Every newborn living in Scotland can get a baby box. To get one, your midwife should fill in for you a Baby Box registration card while you are about 20 to 24 weeks pregnant. This is done during the antenatal appointment.

You will receive your Baby box 4 weeks before your delivery. The Baby box will be delivered to the preferred delivery address you indicated on the registration card. You will get a mail, email, or text a week before the Baby box is delivered to notify you that your Baby box will be arriving soon. You can change the delivery date and location.

What is in the baby box? The baby box comes with the following essentials:

  • A mattress, sheet, and blanket that fit in the box
  • Clothes for a newborn up to the age of 6 months
  • Changing mat, a bath towel
  • Digital underarm thermometer
  • Safety instructions and safe sleeping guidelines

Free Baby Stuff Amazon UK

You can get free baby stuff from Amazon UK. Amazon has Baby Club Box which comes with free baby products and samples. This box costs £14.99 but you can get it for free if you have Amazon Baby Wishlist. To get it free, you need to spend £20 on baby products. And then:

  • Create a Baby Wishlist on Amazon UK
  • Go to Your Baby Club and claim a code for your bay box
  • Put Your Baby Club Box on Amazon Wishlist
  • Add baby products to your Baby Wishlist worth at least £20
  • Put all your shopping in one shopping basket
  • A promotional code will be emailed to you and a Baby box will be free

Free Baby Stuff in the UK

The following are some free baby stuff you can get in the UK if you already have a baby:

  • Huggies. You can get free Huggies for older babies by just completing a form on their website. You need to indicate the gender of the child, age, and weight. These freebies are available for babies between 3 and 15 years.

  • Ella’s kitchen. Ella’s Kitchen makes tasty baby food and is now offering a free weaning pack when you join Ella’s Friends Club. You will get regular offers, recipes, expert tips, and competitions when you join. To get one, you just need to tell them about your little one and provide them with an address.

  • Free height chart. You can get a free height chart from Bear Paws to track how your child is growing. To get it, you just need to upload a recent picture of a recent receipt of Bear Paws purchase. Then fill in your details and address. Bear Paws sell fruit snacks for kids.

  • Dry Nites. You can get free pajamas from Dry Nites. You can choose pants for different ages for kids between 3 to 15 years old. You just need to register on their website. Dry Nites pants will arrive within seven working days.

  • Pampers. Pampers is offering one free sample pack of Night Nappy Pants in sizes 4,5, or 6 and a welcome letter. This nappy comes in handy for a comfortable night’s sleep with no leaks.

Pregnancy Free Stuff UK

If you are an expectant mother, you qualify for pregnancy-free stuff UK. The following are some of the pregnancy-free stuff UK that you can get:

  • Bounty. They have a pregnancy, birth, and baby app. It comes with health articles and advice and freebies for expectant mothers. To be a beneficiary, you must sign up for the Bounty Plus membership club, and then you can get live online classes every month. You also get free bounty packs.

  • Emma’s Diary. They have a bag full of stuff for expectant mothers. Some of the free stuff you will get include free nappies, washing powder, and other free stuff. There is money off vouchers from Argos.

  • C&G Baby Club. It is run by Cow & Gate, a baby milk and baby food manufacturer. Expectant mothers can sign up and get free advice, support, and money-off vouchers. You will be receiving helpful emails, non-judgmental support, a free weaning plan, and tip from real parents.

  • Your Baby Club. They offer a free parenting eBook and a guide on how to have a baby. You also get money off vouchers, free samples, discounts, and competitions. To get free baby stuff, you need to fill in an online form and your address.

  • St. John’s Ambulance. They are offering a free baby first aid guide that can fit in your pocket. It gives you advice on how to take care of and offer first aid to your baby. To get the guide, you just need to fill out an online form and it will be sent to you through the address you indicate.

  • C2C Trains. If you are an expectant mother living in South East England and you travel by train, you can get a free Baby on Board badge. This makes it easier to ask for a seat while you are pregnant.

  • YoungPlanet. They help parents get rid of unwanted items like toys and clothes and give them free to families that need them. You just need to download their app on App Store or Google Play and browse and find stuff that families are getting rid of.

  • Free 500 Sure Start Grant. If you are expecting your first child and you are on certain benefits, you can claim a free 500 Sure Start grant. To get it, you just need to fill out a form on Gov. UK and have your doctor or midwife sign it. This grant is available in England, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

  • Healthy Start. They offer vouchers that can help you claim free fruit, vegetables, and milk if you are 10 weeks pregnant or have a child under 4 years old. Besides, if you are below 18 years and you are pregnant, you can get the benefit. To benefit, you need to apply only through the Healthy Start website.

Free Stuff for Babies and Expectant Mothers

If you are expecting a baby, or you already have one, you can get free stuff like nappies, baby food, vitamins, baby products like baby powder, and many other free baby stuff. Many brands have loyalty programs for expecting and nursing mothers. To qualify, you need to check the respective websites and see the qualifications. You can then register and get the free baby stuff online.

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