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The mission of FiFi Finance is: improving financial literacy, by making finances work for everyone.

We want to help you going forward with your financial life by providing the best tools and financial information possible. For many people it is not easy to make sound financial decisions, especially if you’ve never received financial education. We want to reach out to these people.

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We provide information in English and Spanish focusing on North, Central and South America. So far we have information for people living in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela.



Europe has nearly 720 million inhabitants that speak more than 30 languages. So far we cover the English, Estonian, Dutch, German, Spanish and French language. We are looking forward to speak Italian, Turkish and Russian as well.

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Africa is the largest continent with most potential to reach out to people. So far we focus on sub-sahara Africa in English, French and Swahili. Countries include Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria.

Fifi finance Main Topics

financial planning

Financial planning

Financial literacy starts with financial planning. Allocating money to different purposes will help you mastering your money and save money for other purposes than spending it. Making a budget plan is key to your financial survival skills.



Investing wisely is important to help grow your finances as well as others. We provide information on what is a good investment strategy for both individuals as well as businesses.



We believe Bitcoin has the potential to become the global financial standard. In our articles we explain why this may happen, how this can help countries and benefit people. We think it’s safe to ignore all other cryptocurrencies as none of them touches the fundamentals of the financial system as Bitcoin does.

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FiFi is a financial portal about loans, bank accounts, investing and saving money. FiFi Finance is made for financial noobs, financial warriors, startup geeks to wealthy entrepreneurs. We are a team of 10 persons, with 4 editors and 6 authors worldwide. We are active in more than 20 countries in the world in 8 languages so far. Read more about us.

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