FiFi Finance: Team

Financial knowledge

FiFi Finance is made by finance geeks. We have a passion for everything financial, making us wanting to know every detail. We dedicate ourselves to know everything about private and consumer finances, business finances and fintech. We even like taxes.

In addition to finances, we love researching things, writing, design, and making complex information easy to understand. Our mission is to help improving financial literacy, by making finance work for everyone.


Robin Stocks

lead editor

Robin (MBA and MSc) is based in Europe where he is an expert on consumer and business bank accounts. He is co-founder of FiFi Finance and is an experienced finance journalist, publisher and online editor with more than 20 years of work in this field. He speaks five languages and lived in 3 countries.


Ndesanjo Macha


Ndesanjo is an experienced blogger and journalist. He is specialized in business finances, personal finances and bitcoin. He received his MA in Sociology at the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA, with a focus on social informatics and LL.B from the University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. His main expertise is focused on the USA and African issues. He has lived in 4 countries and speaks 3 languages. He manages our English, Swahili, and Amharic language finance portals.

Kasper Saurus

Tech lead

Kasper is co-founder of FiFi. He holds an MSc in mathematics. Kasper has travelled and worked across the globe, for various companies and non-profits, including CouchSurfing and Geekcorps Mali, Mercedes-Benz and the Dutch tax authorities. He is the co-founder of B2B Pay, a European virtual banking service helping companies collect payments around the world, pay suppliers abroad and convert currencies. Kasper is our expert on investments, virtual banks and startups and speaks most of the languages that FiFi is available in.

man operating laptop on top of table

Ben Quellinus


Ben is our Dutch and German editor. He holds a Master of Arts in German from the University of Amsterdam. He has been an online editor for more than 10 years now, and has a particular interest in finance, business and investment matters in the art industry.

Jorge Duran


Jorge (MA) is our writer and editor of FiFi Finance in Spanish. He manages a team of finance researchers, writers, and translators from different Spanish-speaking countries. Jorge has a special interest in cooperative finance and economies.

Mira Kryvoshei


Mira (MA) is our financial warrior from Ukraine. She is fluent in English, French, and Ukrainian. She manages the French and Ukrainian sections of FiFi Finance. She makes financial information accessible for refugees from Ukraine and with that, she helps them to build up a sound financial future.

Edititoral Process

We take the greatest care of our editorial process. We aim for the highest standard of relevant content. Our editorial principles are the following:

  1. Factual. Visitors come to us because they have questions; we provide the answers. We want to help people find accurate answers to the financial questions they have.
  2. Honesty. Answers have to be offered quick and honestly. It has to be up to date and not misleading. We want to offer choices we would pick ourselves, being in their position.
  3. Continuous improvement. We want to continually improve and test ourselves to become even better in what we do.