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A Growing Financial Portal for Kenya. All About Kenya Bank Accounts, Money transfers to Kenya, Fintech and Spreading Financial Literacy.

FiFi Finance is a finance portal about bank accounts, bitcoin, loans, p2p investing and saving money. FiFi Finance is run by financial geeks. We want to offer the best information possible to help gain financial independence. We are a team of 10 persons, with 4 editors and 6 authors worldwide. We are active in numerous countries in the world.

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Insurtech startups targeting low income citizens in Kenya and Tanzania

Insurance in Kenya

There many reasons why you would need to get insurance cover. But you don’t need an insurance for everything! Here are some of the insurance covers in Kenya that may be worth taking.

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Investing in Kenya

We cover many topics, such as Investments That a Pay Monthly Income in Kenya, Investment Opportunities in Kenya and How to Invest in Real Estate in Kenya.

Banking in Kenya

Bank accounts in Kenya. How to open a bank account in Kenya. What about mpesa banking and how to open a bank account from abroad?


Cryptocurrencies are the new kid on the block(chain). We believe Bitcoin will become a new gold standard, a global store of wealth and a hedge against inflation. Be aware of shitcoins and cryptocurrency scams!

Kenya economy

The state of the economy in Kenya. We cover topics such as inflation in Kenya, pension, corruption, informal jobs and unemployment.


Send money to Kenya

Transferring money to Kenya has never been so easy. With new services available, to send money to Kenya is cheap, fast and reliable and can even be done with mpesa.

Welcome to FiFi Finance Africa

FiFi is a financial portal for everyone who wants to increase their financial skills and knowledge. Our attention goes to those wanting to obtain more information about budgeting, money management, loans, using bank accounts, investing and how to best save money. FiFi Finance is made for financial noobs, financial warriors, startup geeks to wealthy entrepreneurs.

We are a team of 10 persons, with 4 editors and 6 authors worldwide. We are active in numerous countries in the world. Our focus here is on African countries. Especially in Africa, there is a lot of potential to reach out to people in their native language about finances and help them out with their financial problems.

The countries that we target include Kenya, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa. In addition to English, we also do this in French. Recently, we’ve even started reaching out in native languages such as Swahili. This language is spoken in different parts of East Africa such as Kenya and Tanzania. Next to Swahili, we also aim to provide quality information in other native languages such as Yoruba, Igbo, Bambara and Oromo.

We invite you to get in touch if you know you can take editorial ownership of one of those languages.

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