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Why FiFi?

We want to share high-quality knowledge and compare financial products. We do this for consumers, self-employed entrepreneurs and SMEs. We want to help with answers to this type of questions: how to save most money, which loan to take or not to take, what to invest in, which bank account to open, and why?

FiFi is a financial portal about loans, bank accounts, investing and saving money. FiFi is made for financial warriors, startup geeks to wealthy entrepreneurs. We are currently a team of 10 persons, with 4 editors and 10 authors worldwide. We are active in numerous countries in the world, while still in the early growth stage.

Financial history

History of Bankruptcy in the United States

| Bankruptcy, Financial history of the United States | No Comments
Bankruptcy is a law that allows individuals and businesses to reorganize the terms of a debt when they are unable to repay on the previous terms of the loan contract.…

History of Income Tax in the United States

| Financial history of the United States, Tax | No Comments
Historically, federal income taxes in the Unites States have seen tax rates as high as 94%. Between 1944 and 1963, marginal taxes for top salaries (over $200,000) were around 91%…
History of the stock market

A Brief History of the Stock Market and How to Make Money in It

| Financial history of the United States, Investing, Stock Investing | No Comments
Modern-day stock exchanges arrived in the late 1500s in Belgium, while the New York Stock Exchange was formed in 1817, a few years after the Philadelphia Stock Exchange was formed.…

Financial planning

Empower Financial App: Review of Pocket Financial Expert

| Financial planning, Fintech | No Comments
Empower App is a banking and money management app that helps to take control over your money. Empower banking app is different from other financial apps in that you not…
Fifi Finance

How FiFi Finance Can Help You Make, Save, and Grow Your Wealth

| FiFi, Financial planning | No Comments
FIFI Finance is a financial portal dedicated to helping you make, save, invest, grow your money and spend it well. It is updated with the best quality work. This article…
Before you turn 30

5 Practical Things You Need to Do Before You Turn 30

| Financial planning | No Comments
Your 20s can be an interesting period. If you are like most Americans, you start your 20s when you are in college. Most people finish college when they are 22…

What is a Recession and What to Invest in When it Happens

| Financial planning, Investing | No Comments
What is a recession? This is a common question these days. If you have been following the news of late, you have likely heard commentators and news anchors talk about…


buying a house in kenya

Process of Buying a House in Kenya

| Africa, Kenya, Real Estate | No Comments
Part of the Kenyan dream is to own a home. However, owning a home in Kenya is not easy. For instance, one needs to know what is best between buying…
Forex vs Stocks

Is Forex Trading Better Than Stocks?

| Currencies, Forex, Investing, Stock Investing | No Comments
Trading in stocks and currencies is one of the ways many people around the world use to grow their money. There are those people who have made money by being…
Double Top Trading Strategy

How to Use Double Top Trading Strategy in Forex

| Currencies, Investing, Trading | No Comments
Traders in the forex and stock trading industry make money in various ways. For example, there are price action traders who focus on looking at charts to predict the next…
Belgium Stock Market

How to Invest in Belgium Stock Market

| Investing, Stocks | No Comments
Investing in stocks is one of the best ways to allocate your capital. This is because stocks have a long track record of delivering value to investors. For example, people…

Peer to peer lending

microloan investing

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Microloan Investing

| Investing, peer to peer | No Comments
Microloan investing is a new industry that is gaining a lot of traction. Here is what is microloan investing, how you can get started, and the key platforms In recent…
market place lending

Marketplace Lending is a New Concept. Here is How it Works

| peer to peer | No Comments
Marketplace is a very new concept that allows people to borrow and lend money through peer to peer marketplaces like Lending Club and Prosper Marketplace. This article will focus on…
Prosper Marketplace

Everything You Need to Know About Prosper Marketplace

| peer to peer | No Comments
Prosper Marketplace is the second biggest peer to peer marketplace lending company in the world. Here is everything you need to know about the company. Investing and passive income Having…

Everything You Need to Know About Mintos Marketplace

| Investing, peer to peer | No Comments
One of the fastest growing companies in the p2p lending industry is Mintos Marketplace. This is a so-called meta-marketplace that serves different countries and continents all together. Therefore with Mintos…


Bad Credit Furniture Financing

A Comprehensive Guide on Bad Credit Furniture Financing

| Bad credit loans | No Comments
Do you want to buy brand new home furniture but you don't have a good credit score? Here is the comprehensive guide on bad credit furniture financing. If you have…

How to apply for a personal loan with bad credit?

| Bad credit loans, Loans, Personal loans | No Comments
Find all available loan options when looking for a personal loan with a bad credit rating. Getting a loan with bad credit rating is not impossible at all, as there…
crypto backed loans

What You Need to Know About BlockFi’s Crypto-Backed Loans

| Bitcoin, Business Loans, Cryptocurrencies, Loans | No Comments
BlockFi is a crypto account which you can use to save money and earn interest and also borrow a loan using cryptocurrencies as collateral. The company was founded by Zac…

Bank accounts

fintech in nigeria ghana kenya

Wallets Africa: Nigerian Fintech Startup Blurring African Borders

| Africa, Bank accounts, Banking, Fintech, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria | No Comments
Wallets Africa is a Nigerian fintech startup that helps users conduct financial transactions in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya using fiat currency and cryptocurrency on their phones. The startup was founded…
absa bank zambia

Barclays Bank Zambia Becomes Absa Zambia: All You Need to Know

| Africa, Bank accounts, Banking, Zambia | No Comments
Barclays Africa Group has changed its name to Absa Group Limited. The bank has until mid-2020 to rebrand Barclays Banks in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, Tanzania, Uganda. On…

Bitwala: A Blockchain Banking Service

| Bank accounts, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies | No Comments
Bitwala is a blockchain banking service founded by Jorg von Minckwitz, Jan Goslicki, and Benjamin P. Jones in October 2015. The need for cryptocurrency-friendly banks drove the idea of developing…

B2B Pay: Global Payment Solution for Businesses and Exporters

| B2B, Bank accounts | No Comments
B2P Pay is a payment solution for businesses and exporters. It was founded in 2015 by Neil Ambikar and Kasper Souren, FiFi Finance co-founder. It is cheaper and convenient for…


Hardware Wallet vs Cold Storage

Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallet and Cold Storage

| Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies | No Comments
Many people are confused over a hardware wallet and cold storage as a way to store your bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The difference between Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallet and Cold Storage…
Most secure Bitcoin wallets

Most Secure Bitcoin Wallets: Samurai Wallet and More

| Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies | No Comments
Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency founded in 2009, has continued to grow. As of this writing, the currency is worth more than $174 billion. This is a higher value than that of…
Invest in Bitcoin

How to invest in Bitcoin from the USA

| Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Investing | No Comments
After the 2008/9 financial crisis, the public confidence in government regulators was at a historic low. The public felt betrayed by the regulators who were created to protect them. In…

Bitwala: A Blockchain Banking Service

| Bank accounts, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies | No Comments
Bitwala is a blockchain banking service founded by Jorg von Minckwitz, Jan Goslicki, and Benjamin P. Jones in October 2015. The need for cryptocurrency-friendly banks drove the idea of developing…

International money transfers

TransferWise Money Transfer

| International Money Transfer | No Comments
TransferWise offers is used to transfer money across borders. It is eight times cheaper compared to a bank and can send many to most countries in the world, in various…

TransferWise Versus WorldRemit

| International Money Transfer | No Comments
Whenever you want to transfer money abroad, you have several options. You can use TransferWise, WorldRemit, PayPal, N26 and Revolut. In this article, we are going to compare TransferWise versus…

Transferwise vs Paypal: Which one is Better?

| Bank accounts, International Money Transfer | No Comments
If you want to send money abroad, there are a number of options. You can do a wire transfer, where you send money from your bank account to the other…
list of sepa countries 2019

Worldremit vs Transferwise vs Paypal

| Bank accounts, International Money Transfer | No Comments
Transferring money from the US to an EU bank account is easy and can be done cheaply. New competitive online services exist to help you transferring money safe and sound,…

Make Money

Swiss luxury watches

How to Invest in Luxury Watches

| Investing, Make money, World | No Comments
The basic use of a watch is to tell time. However, with the consistent growth of the luxury watch industry, there is more to this machine that its short hand…
how to get rich

How Do I Get Rich?

| Become Rich, Make money, World | No Comments
We all want to be financially independent so we don't have to worry about money. Do you want to be rich too? I'm convinced everyone can get rich. But how…

How to Make Money with Substack

| Make money | No Comments
A new way to start monetizing on your content and make money from writing is publishing newsletter via Substack. This platform makes it easy to create a email newsletter which…
Top YouTube earners

How to Make Money on YouTube

| Make money, Technology, World | No Comments
The Internet is arguably a world of its own. One can shop, learn, be entertained, and basically live every aspect of his or her life through the Internet. One of…