Ways Rich People Give Away Free Stuff in the UK

People love good free stuff and there are many ways through which the rich give away free stuff in the UK. This however, does not mean that the rich will hand out free cash to people without a specific purpose. More often than not, the rich give away free stuff to deserving individuals and groups of people.

There are many ways through which wealthy individuals, companies, celebrities, and groups in the UK give away free stuff. Every year, trillions of dollars are redistributed as the rich donate to charities, invest in startups, give sample products, give scholarships and sponsorships, give research grants, or sell stuff for cheap.

Investing in Startups in UK

If you have a startup idea but lack the funds to turn it into reality, you can reach out to angel investors, high net worth individuals (HNIs), businessmen, celebrities, and venture capitalists in the UK who will help fund your idea. Examples of rich celebrities who have invested in the British Startup ecosystem include the following:

  • David Beckham. The famous footballer has invested in several startups in the UK such as the car restoration and electrification company Lunaz and the e-sports startup Guild Esports.
  • Maisie Williams. The actress has backed UK-based platforms for creatives such as Contact and Daisie.
  • Leonardo DiCarprio. Leonardo is an Oscar winner who has backed Hippeas, a London-based organic chickpea puff brand that produces low calorie, vegan, gluten-free, organic, and non-GMO chickpea-based snacks.

University and College Funding in UK

Wealthy individuals in the UK give grants to universities and colleges to be invested in scholarships. There are many bright students who cannot afford their school fees. In such cases, the wealthy contribute funds towards helping financially vulnerable students. However, not all beneficiaries of these scholarships are needy students. Some do exceptionally well in their studies and are in return awarded scholarships. Examples of charities, foundations and trusts that provide financial support for higher education in the UK include;

  • The Sir Richard Stapley Education Trust. It offers annual grants of between £500 and £1, 300 to UK residents at the postgraduate level.
  • The Leverhulme Trust. It is an all-subjects trust fund that distributes around £100 million per year to postgraduate students.
  • The Wellcome Trust. A charity that offers a range of fellowships, bursaries, and scholarships in areas such as population health and bio-medical science in the UK.

Funding Science, Arts and Entertainment in UK

Companies and wealthy individuals often fund adventurists who want to go for adventures but lack the funds to do it. Some of the mostly sponsored adventures include space exploration, cave explorations, ocean exploration, solar projects, and ocean explorations. The wealthy also invest billions in entertainment especially in fields such as cinema, theatre, public festivals, and parks. In the UK, the rich have embraced art and entertainment philanthropy and people with compelling and interesting stories can reach out to them for financial help to fund their adventure.

  • Dame Vivien Duffield. She has donated huge sums of money to support arts in both the UK and Israel.
  • Anthony d’Offay. He is a contemporary art dealer who has sacrificed huge sums of money towards education in arts and national heritage in the UK.

Websites Giving Away Free Stuff in the UK

There are many websites in the UK that give away free stuff or auction products at giveaway prices. Other platforms through which you can get free stuff include Facebook groups. Examples of websites giving away free stuff in the UK include Hot UK Deals, Freebiers Club UK, Gumtree, Freecycle, Free Stuff, Free Give, and more.

Giving Money to Charity

There are several British philanthropists who donate their wealth to support charities in the UK. Charitable organizations in the UK fund scientific research projects, education, medicine, arts, youth programmes, environmental conservation, and more other causes. Some of these rich billionaires include the following:

  • David and Heather Stevens. They have donated sums of money towards environment, children and medical charities.
  • Lord Sainsbury. He has contributed in the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, a grant-giving organization supporting education, medicine, arts, and science.


Most established businesses in the UK run competitions to build up their reputation and email lists. On winning these competitions, you are awarded expensive items for free. To get such prizes, make sure you like or follow as many brands as possible and do frequent searches on available competitions.

Companies Giving Away Free Product Samples for Testing in UK

Some businesses and companies in the UK give away free products for testing before or shortly after being released to the market. In return, you give them a review. A good example is the MyOffers Company that connects consumers with special offers. When you sign up with them, you will be able to test and review household goods, the latest electrical products, cosmetics, baby products, food stuff, drinks, and more.  Other companies giving away free stuff in the UK include Nivea, Greggs, KFC, Cadbury, L’Oreal, Mcdonald’s, and more. When companies or businesses give free products to potential customers, they hope that they will buy something from them in return. And this will increase their sales and raise brand awareness.

Final Thoughts on Rich People Giving Away Free Stuff in the UK

Getting free stuff is good because it helps you save money. There are many freebies available in the UK if you know where to look and how to look.

Daisy Neema is a graduate of Chuka University. She is a prolific writer and researcher and has an interest in finance. She also loves writing about businesses and startups.