Apps can help you to manage money that will take you for more extended periods. Apps help you to go further in each month. Regardless of the many needs you have, it is critical to manage the money you have. The App can be used to manage your finances and make your life easier.

You can hire an accountant to help you manage your finances. However, that would be an added cost and of course a cash outlay. Look at some of the Apps we have listed below and see which one can help you to save money that you currently have.

1. Try Buxfer

Try Buxfer app can import data from your bank account and it is ideal for people who want to save money. Some of its features include; it can support many banks, import data from other apps and manage up to five different accounts.
This App helps you to manage all your accounts from one place. The App supports over 15 thousand online banks accounts. You can generate all your transactions without having to do the manual entry. It can also pull data from Apps such as mint and Quicken. This helps you to manage your budgets and also forecast your earnings.

You can use the App to track your investments, track your bills and predict your spending patterns. The App has a free version and other versions that have monthly fees. The best option is to first use the free version and see how well it can serve your needs.

2. ClearCheckbook

ClearCheckbook is an app that is used to manage finances. It allows users to access data from many locations with any device that has an internet connection. The App makes it easy for one to log all the transactions. It is suitable for people with joint accounts since it helps them monitor the number of transactions by their partners.
The App can be used to balance checkbooks for clients, manage budgets and also check one’s spending.

3. Buddi

Buddi is an ideal App, especially for people who are new to finance software. With Buddi, you will be in a position to set up the accounts you need and start keeping records of your cash inflow and cash outflows.

It can generate different kind of reports based on what you earn and how you spend. Both earnings and spending can be split in different ways. The App will help you to save money since it will help you to spend money only within your budget. Buddi’s website has helpful information which can help you to get started. Buddi requires one to have Java installed and it requires regular updates. However, this should not discourage you from trying the App.

4. AceMoney Lite

AceMoney Lite is an excellent App for your financial activities are straightforward. Some of its features include; an intuitive interface, it is available for Windows and macOS. It can only support two accounts and it does not link with online accounts. You can track your PayPal account using this App.

The App can manage finances in different currencies. This will require you to enter data into the software since it does not pull data from the bank account. If you can download online banking statements, then you can save your time since you will not have to do the manual entry. With the App, you can track your investments and spending. This makes it an ideal App for people wishing to control their finances.

5. HomeBank

HomeBank is a finance software can be used to track your reports. Some of the features of the App include; cross-platform, imports data from other apps and it supports unlimited accounts. The app is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. The app can be installed normally even in portable devices, thereby making it suitable for personal finance.

You do not need to start from a scratch if you have been using programs such as Quicken or Microsoft Money to manage your finances since you can import data from those programs. The App can support many accounts. All your accounts can be linked o each other to make it easy to transfer money. The app relies on manual editing. Once you have entered data, you can generate a report in different forms.

From the above list of Apps, you can select one that you find helpful in managing your personal finance.

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