This is a short editorial guide on how we would like the content. If this needs more explanation, please let us know.


  • Preferably write in markdown (example 2) and inside wordpress do not use the "visual editor". Use instead the text editor.
  • You can also use a markdown editor on your computer or find an online markdown editor and copy paste the text in the "text editor" of the wordpress editor.
  • Use mostly Active language and some passive when needed.
  • Mainly use H2 (‘##’ in markdown) headers, but only few H3 (‘###’) headers.
  • Max 2/3 paragraphs per header. Paragraphs no longer than 4/5 sentences.
  • Use <strong> or in markdown **strong** only when needed.

Feel free to use quotes. If you find text that explains something better than you can, just quote it. Quotes are also visually appealing.


  • Write a short summary (tldr) after you finished the article. 3-4 sentences, 40-50 words. This summary goes on top of everything.
  • Narrow this summary further down into 20-25 words description and place it in the meta description box straight under the article box. Also add the main topic as a focus word.

Use Links

  • Have quite a few relevant links inside the text, linking to relevant websites about the topic you write. This is a [relevant link](
  • Include a read more section at bottom of the page, name your sources and link to them in a bullet list. Max. 5
  • If possible, include internal links to other posts. Perform a search on the website if needed.

Use Images

  • Add a featured image by using the box bottom right.
  • Add images under your H2 headers.
  • Add a descriptive alt-text to the image. ![this is the alt-text](/link-to-the-image) This alt text can be the same as the header text.
  • If markdown is too complicated to use for images (because you don’t know how to copy-paste the image url), just use the ‘add media’ functionality. However, please do not align these images (left nor right).


First columnSecond
infomore info

  ## Title header 
  ![repeat title header text](/link-to-image)
  Start writing your content

Use of video’s


<iframe src="" class="video-frame"></iframe>

Info Boxes

Type this
<div class="info box" markdown="1">text inside info box</div>

text inside info box

Warning box

<div class="info box" markdown="1">text inside warning box</div>

text inside warning box