Robino is one of two founders of Fifi Finance. He is an experienced journalist and online editor with more than 20 years of experience. He is originally from the Netherlands, but traveled extensively over the world. He can communicate and understands 6 languages, and he speaks 3 languages fluently. He is responsible for the editorial process at Fifi and ultimately the quality of it.

My story

I immediately loved the web since I made my first steps in it. It was in 1994 when I first learned about it and I remember very well the sound my modem actually made while connecting to other computers.

My first website was in 2000. I worked on it on a daily basis and worked together in an international team of volunteers. I then started publishing lots of my work in different e-zines, websites, magazines, and newspapers. I studied politics and journalism, and for a short while I have been working for a Dutch financial newspaper covering the stock exchange, politics and business news.

Offices and alike are not made for me though. I am a freelancer at hearth, loving the freedom of working when I want to, and going out for walks, friends or family, when I want to do that, not when my boss is telling me that I can.

I love writing and editing very much. It’s a craft and art at the same time for me. I also love very much to be really perfectionist. How I write and the information I transmit, is all poetry to me. I get the kicks out of a good text; and while seeing how I can improve this text, even more. This is how I disappear.

In other words: I take my work very serious.

Fifi Finance

Fifi Finance is something that I’ve have always wanted to start with my friend and business partner Kasper. We started doing finance websites in the early 2010s. This came out of our frugal lifestyles where we wanted to share the experiences we have had. This ultimately led to me being interviewed on television about this (see for example this older video), while also having the opportunity to participate in a larger documentary about bypassing the money system.

Apart from saving money and going beyond the use of it, we soon learned that many more people also wanted to learn about investing, financing, loans and international bank accounts. These were all financial topics we know quite a lot about and were able to make understandable in simple language. Due to our vast traveler experience and for example international networks of communities, we have had experiences of all sorts of (financial) matters. Given our high academic backgrounds, we were also able to investigate and structure new information fast.

The idea to start a new website was taken very fast, but we didn’t really know yet how we wanted to tackle this. We were occupied with all sorts of online projects, startups, family and community building. But after some years, we were able to connect the dots and get it going.

Moving forward

Soon we managed to get some editors in place in Spanish, German and English and moved our initial focus a lot on Africa. We think that this continent really needs attention of all sorts and we are doing our best to help Africans to financially empower themselves.

This is where we stand right now. I am happy we’ve got this going, and I am looking forward to even a lot more. Our ambition is to let this place serve as a welcoming spot for all sorts of visitors with all type of financial queries they have, ultimately even from all 7 continents maybe.

I am sure there is relevant and interesting financial stuff to write even about Antarctica. If we do that we’d be the first financial portal covering all seven continents.

Robin is one of the founders of FiFi Finance. He is our financial expert on loans as well as general political and economic issues. He is a former financial journalist and has been a web-editor for more than 20 years. Read more about the whole editorial team at FiFi.