List of Gift Cards in UK

If you are considering giving gift cards to your loved ones, then you need to find the best gift cards in the UK. Gift cards are available in different brands and ranges. You can spend the value of your gift card from time to time, hence, you don’t need to spend it all in one transaction. Therefore, you can use the value of your gift card whenever and wherever you like. In this article, we are going to highlight a list of best gift cards in UK and where to get them.

Are Gift Card available in the UK? Does England have Gift Cards?

Gift cards are available in the UK in different brands and ranges. You can get gift cards for all ages, interests and different denominations. There are many retailers spread throughout the UK where you can get gift cards. A gift card is known as a gift voucher or a gift token in the UK. Gift cards usually have prepaid stored value money cards. Gift cards can be given to employees and can be distributed by marketers or retailers as a way to promote their products. Generally, gift cards cannot be cashed out, but they can be redeemed for purchases.

Gift cards for travel in UK. You can get travel gift cards in the UK for your loved ones. GiftCard4Travel is an online platform that offers travel gift card vouchers. UK travel gift vouchers can be redeemable against hotels, attractions, taxi transfer or car hire worldwide.

Where Can I Get Gift Card in England?

There are several places you can get a gift card in England. The following are platforms that can help you buy or sell a gift card in the UK.

  • Gift Card Factory This is the leading online specialist retailer of gift cards, greeting cards and party products in the UK. You can buy gift cards in the UK for birthday, Christmas, wedding, graduation, anniversary, special ages, etc.

  • Card Shack. Card Shack offers gift cards of many types such as homeware gifts, art prints, mugs, message chocolate bars, hen party, Bristol souvenirs, glitter glasses, etc.

  • CardYard. Cardyard is the leading gift card exchange platform in England. Cardyard is an online E-commerce platform that enables people can release the value of their gift cards. The platform allows you to sell or buy gift cards at discounted prices. You can also redeem your gift card through Cardyard.

  • Voucher Express. Voucher Express is a platform where you can exchange your gift card. It has gift card available in different brands and ranges. You can spend just a part of your gift card wherever and in whatever you would like to and use the rest of its value later.

  • Zapper. Zapper is a great platform where you can sell or buy unwanted items like books and CDs and even gift cards. To sell your gift card on Zapper, you can enter the barcode of your gift card and then click Get Value. It will then provide you with the best price for the gift card. You can also swap your gift card for cash by dropping your gift card with Zapper.

  • GiftOff. GiftOff is also another platform where you can get a gift card in the UK. You can earn and spend with loyalty points when you use GiftOff to redeem a gift card, the platform helps you buy digital gift cards from retailers and brands like Amazon.

Crypto Gift Card UK

  • These days, it is possible to buy Bitcoin gift card in the UK. A crypto gift card or crypto voucher is much like retail gift cards and can be mailed to your recipient’s email address.
  • Some cryptocurrency exchanges may require your recipient to sign up for an account to access the Bitcoin wallet that will receive the Bitcoin gift card.
  • You can also buy Bitcoin and Bitcoin hardware wallet in the UK such as Trezor and Ledger, and send the hardware wallet with Bitcoin to your recipient.
  • You can also give a seed phrase (like a password) of Bitcoin wallet as a present. The seed is a the key the recipient will use to access Bitcoin held in that wallet.
  • You can purchase crypto gift cards in the UK from companies such as Coinbase, Binance, CashApp and gift cards.

There are many types of cryptocurrencies. We recommend you go for Bitcoin gift card instead of altcoins or scamcoins.

Which Gift Card is available in England?

There are a wide variety of gift cards available in the UK today. You can get prepaid gift cards UK from different marketers and retailers in the UK. The following are some of the best gift cards in UK.

Disney Plus Gift Card UK (Disney plus Gift Card UK Tesco)

Disney Plus Gift Card UK is a great gift card for your friends and loved ones. You can have the gift card delivered to you instantly by email address. You save about £16 unlike when you pay for a normal monthly subscription. Your recipient should not have a Disney Plus gift card for them to renew the gift card you will send them.

Amazon Gift card in UK

The Amazon gift card is one of the best prepaid gift card UK. It can be paid for using UK or EU credit or debit cards or cryptos like bitcoin or ethereum. You can redeem an Amazon gift card in the UK and earn points. The Amazon gift card can be emailed to you via your email address of choice. Gift cards are available in multiple designs and denominations of up to £1,000.

Visa Gift Card for UK (Visa Gift card UK Tesco)

Tesco visa gift cards now allow you to qualify for 150 bonus club points every time you spend £50 on gift cards in-store. Tesco offers a selection of big brands and Visa is one of them.

iTunes Gift Card for UK

iTunes gift card UK can be redeemed from UK iTunes and App Store. You can get your iTunes gift card delivered to you via the email address of your choice or customer account. It is delivered very fast between 30 to 60 seconds. iTunes gift card does not expire and you can send the code to a friend. It is available in four denominations £10, £15, £25 and £50. You can use the gift card to get music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and Apple Music.

Vanilla Gift card UK

Vanilla gift card UK is one of the best prepaid gift card in UK. The gift card can be sent by email or mail for a plastic gift card. You can use the gift card to shop online and in-store where Visa is accepted. You can also use it to make contactless payments using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. You can create a custom gift card using a Vanilla gift card.

Under Armour Gift Card UK

Under Armour Gift cards UK can be purchased at Under Armour retail stores or on They are physical cards and come with a card number and scratch PIN blocks. You can also get Under Armor Gift Voucher in UK. They can be emailed to the recipients within two hours. You can also specify a later date when you would want the gift card emailed to you. It is worth noting that the gift card cannot be canceled or returned after purchase. However, lost gift cards can be replaced after proof of purchase.

Steam Gift Card UK

Steam gift card allows you to play new games, get updates and get special editions. You can buy the gift card online. You will receive the steam gift card in your email after a few seconds. You can redeem the card immediately.

Discovery Plus Gift Card UK

You can gift your loved ones a Discovery Plus gift card for streaming. The Discovery+ Gift Card, voucher, or promo code can be redeemed if you don’t have an active subscription. To redeem the value of the code online. The gift subscription comes with 55,000 and above episodes from HGTV and Food Network.

MasterCard Gift Card UK

You can get a MasterCard gift card UK and use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted. It is one of the best prepaid gift card in UK. You can use MasterCard gift cards for shopping, dining, entertainment and online shopping. However, the benefits you enjoy from your MasterCard gift card can vary by card type and the issuing financial institution. You can inquire about the benefits you can enjoy from your MasterCard gift card from your issuing financial institution. You can buy the gift card online or from a participating store.

Dining Out Gift Card UK

If you are looking to give your loved one great food and drink, consider Dining Out Gift Card UK. They have a wide selection of quality bars, pubs and restaurants. You can get almost anything for any occasion. You can buy the gift cards online and you can redeem it from any of their locations. You can get stylish city favorites like Browns, Miller $ Carter and All Bar One. You can get gift cards in different denominations like £20, £30, £40, £50, £75 and £100.

Playstation Plus Gift Card UK

You can get a PlayStation Plus gift card from online retailers and you can have it emailed to you. You will need to redeem the code sent to you using your PlayStation console or you can use any web browser. You get a chance to enjoy thousands of games, season passes, movies and in-game credit. You also get to enjoy monthly games, exclusive discounts and online multiplayer.

Paramount plus Gift Card UK

You can get a Paramount plus gift card and use it to pay for your subscription to Paramount. This will give you access to streaming services, many TV episodes, live sports, and iconic movies. You can get a Paramount subscription in £25, £50, and £100 denominations. You can apply the gift card for Essential or Premium plans. You can purchase the gift card from in-store retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Game Store.

Summary of Best Gift Cards UK

The above are some of the names of gift cards in UK. You can get some of these gift cards online or from in stores. Gift cards can be sent to you via email or mail. Gift cards allow you to access premium services and other benefits. When giving a gift card, you need to consider the expiration date.

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