Business Ideas in Kenya 2023

With the increasing level of joblessness in Kenya, there is a need for the unemployed to look for different methods for making a living outside the formal employment. Here are some untapped businesses in Kenyan for young people and others to look into.

The following are the best untapped business ideas in Kenya.

Online Jobs in Kenya

The Internet has provided employment opportunities to many people around the world. There are also many online jobs for African countries such as Kenya. If you have skills such as article writing, web design, translation, coding, graphic design, marketing, etc., you can sign up for any platform for freelance jobs in Africa such as Kuhustle and Onesha in Kenya and create a catchy profile.

To work online and get paid a good amount, you must have your own computer, which you can buy for Ksh 20,000 or less and internet bundles. You can work from home or make use of a co-working space in Kenya near you. For you to receive your payments, make sure you have an account with a reliable and widely used payment platforms for freelancers in Africa such as Payoneer, PayPal, WorldRemit, Wise, formerly Transferwise, etc.

Money Transfer Agent

Money transfer services are in high demand in Kenya. M-Pesa is the main money transfer service in Kenya. Other services are Equitel, KCB Bank, T-Kash and Airtel money transfer services. The costs involved in money transfer business in Kenya include business registration (Ksh 10,000), shop/kiosk branding (Ksh 5,000), and rental (it depends on the location). The initial capital should be around Ksh 50,000. In most cases, the ETR machine is given to you by the money transfer service provider once you meet their minimum requirements.

Video Game Business

Interest in video game business in Kenya is growing very fast. It is no wonder that starting a PlayStation business in Kenya is one of the untapped businesses in the country. Note that for a video game business, a Music Copyright Licence to play music on the premises apart from the ordinary business permit.

For your business to start on a good note, buy consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox, HD screens around 62 inches, popular games (e.g. FIFA, NBA, Need for Speed, Mortal Kombat, etc.) and computers. You can spend about Ksh 120,000 in total. If you find a suitable location like near a youth center or college, you are sure to recover your capital in no time.

Event Planning and Party Planning

Social events such as weddings and birthday celebrations happen each week. Planning for these events is time stressful and time consuming. As an entrepreneur, this is an opportunity for you. You can take this burden off of other people’s shoulders by offering event and partly planning services at a fee.

To begin the business, you will require a startup capital, company registration, a PC and a printer. You can buy a printer at Ksh 10,000 and a PC at around Ksh 20,000. Other costs involved include supplies, marketing, and business registration, which can amount to Ksh 30,000 in total.

Fruit Vending

As more people realize the numerous benefits of fruits to one’s health, fruit vending business is growing rapidly. If your business is near government offices, bus stations, business district, or a medical facility, you will make profit out of it.

The cost of starting a fruit vending business in Kenya is not huge. You simply need to buy the fruits such as mangoes, oranges, and pineapples. You need to rent a space if you don’t own one and buy stuff such as display tables, a juicer and fridge if you intend to sell fresh juices as well. To save your clients’ time, you can also peel and cut the fruit in pieces and pack them in small bags. The initial cost, which includes registration, a juicer and funds for buying your starting batch of fruits, can be not less than Ksh 20,000.


Cybercafé is one of the best business ideas in Kenya, especially if it is located in a busy section of town or near a college/university. Although smartphones have affected the profitability of internet cafés, other services such as printing, scanning, photocopying, typing, etc., are still in high demand. For this business to start successfully, you need to have a computer, a photocopy machine, a scanner, a printer, a binder, etc. A realistic budget for a start should be around Ksh 100,000.

Final Thoughts on Business Ideas in Kenya 2023

These are some of the most profitable businesses in Kenya. However, you need to do a thorough market research before deciding which of these businesses to start. You should also talk to people who are already in the industry you want to invest your capital in. With sufficient capital, right attitude and patience, your business will definitely grow and succeed.

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