Moneta Bank: Free Account for Ukrainians in Czech Republic


Moneta Money Bank allows Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic to open a current bank account with without having to prove a link to the Czech Republic. A valid passport will be sufficient to verify their identity. Up until now, the bank has been offering bank accounts to only to citizens of the Czech Republic and foreigners with long-term residence permits. Moneta is one of the leading banks in the country with over 150 branches and 550 ATMs countrywide.

We are aware that setting up a bank account in a country that offers them refugee asylum, even for a short period of time, is one of the main needs to stabilize their stay in a new environment. Therefore, for these citizens to open a bank account in Moneta, it will be sufficient if they show us a currently valid passport and, in the future, a selected identity card issued by the state authorities of Ukraine.

Moneta Bank Account for Ukrainian Refugees in the Czech Republic

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As part of its efforts to help Ukrainians following Russia’s invasion of the country, Moneta Bank offers a number of banking and other financial services. They include:

A Free Bank Account for Ukrainians in Czech Republic

Ukrainian citizens can open a free-of-charge current account in any Moneta branch with only a passport or plastic ID card. There’s no need for a Czech Republic residence permit.

When you open a free Moneta bank account for Ukrainians, you will enjoy the following benefits.

  • A current account in CZK and a debit card
  • Withdrawals from all ATMs in the country and abroad
  • Internet and mobile banking to easily manage your account
  • Cash deposit (in CZK) using deposit ATMs of MONETA Money Bank
  • Cash deposit of all currencies in Moneta branches
  • Domestic payments including instant payments
  • Foreign payments to Ukraine and SEPA payments

Payments to Ukrainian Accounts for Free

Until further notice, all money transfer to Ukraine in any currency have been waived. The fees will be refunded to your bank account.

Free ATM Withdrawals

You can withdraw CZK from over 550 Moneta Money Bank ATMs free of charge. This includes all Ukrainian payment cards. The exchange rate will be determined by your domestic bank.

Deferral, Reduction or Waiver of Repayments

Moneta Bank offers Ukrainian clients a six-month deferral of repayments on their loans, as well as deferral of mortgages and other types of consumer loans, including building savings loans. All you need to do is fill out the form on Moneta Money Bank website and your repayments will be deferred within a couple of days. Find out more (in Czech).

How to Open Moneta Bank Account

To open Moneta account as a Ukrainian in the Czech Republic, you need to visit Moneta Money branch near your area. Alternatively, please contact: Zuzana Filipová, mobile number: +420 702 246 545, email:

Help Ukraine

  • You can donate to People in Need’s collection SOS Ukrajina directly from your Smart Banka, Moneta’s mobile banking app. The funds will be used for purchase of the necessary things for people in Ukraine. In the direst situations, Nadace MONETA Clementia, Moneta’s foundation that helps its clients in emergency situations, is also available to all Ukrainian Moneta clients.
  • You can also donate money to Ukrainian charitable foundation, Vostok-SOS, to help those in need of aid and humanitarian assistance in Ukraine using money transfer app. Donating money to Vostok-SOS does not attract any transfer fees or currency exchange fees.

Other Baking Solutions for Ukrainian Refugees

Free Money Transfer to Ukraine

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