Zero Fee Multi-currency Bank Account for Ukrainian Refugees in Slovakia


Tatra Bank has set up a free, fast and simple multi-currency bank account opening process for Ukrainian refugees in Slovakia. The Euro and USD bank account will allow Ukrainians to access full banking services including deposits, withdrawals, Visa debit card, and free money transfers to Ukraine.

Bank Accounts for Ukrainian Refugees. The easiest solution are online banks, fintech and banking apps such as Wise, Revolut, bung, Monese, Joompay and Incharge, which allow Ukrainians to open bank account online for free. These accounts can be used in Europe as any other bank account. They are easier to open and for free.

How to Open Tatra Bank Account

You can open your Tatra personal account at any Tatra Bank branch. You need to submit a certificate of tolerated stay and a document such as Ukrainian passport, and permanent residence.

Tatra Bank Personal Account

After opening Tatra personal account, you can deposit and withdraw funds from Tatra branches. You will also receive a Visa debit card, which you can use for online or offline payments and withdrawals. The debit card supports Google Pay and Apple Pay, you just need to activate it on your smartphone. You will also have access to the Tatra Bank mobile application and Tatra internet banking, which will allow you to make foreign transfer orders.

The maximum daily limit for all deposits (branch and ATM together) is 50,000 EUR.

Converting Hryvnia to Euros at Tatra Bannk

Tatra Bank allows Ukrainian citizens to exchange hryvnia for euros at selected exchange points. The bank buys 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 UAH banknotes for anyone with a valid Ukrainian international passport. The daily limit per person is 500 EUR.

The following are official exchange points:

  • Banská Bystrica – Na Troskách 25 (Europa Shopping Center)
  • Bratislava – reserved areas of the Tatracentrum on Hodžovo námestie in the part of the shopping zone
  • Humenné – Nám. slobody 54
  • Košice – Štúrova 28
  • Michalovce – Jaroslawská 11
  • Nitra – Štefánikova trieda 61 (Mlyny)
  • Prešov – Armádneho Generála L. Svobodu 25 (Eperia)
  • Trnava – Kollárova 20 (City Arena)
  • Žilina – Košická cesta 3 (Tesco)

Tatra Bank ATMs support clients with accounts held in Ukrainian banks in local currency. This means that the ATMs are available for clients with Ukrainian payment cards issued by ukrainian banks.

Tatra Bank Fees

In support of Ukraine following Russia’s invasion, Tatra Bank offers you its banking services free of charge for 12 months. Free services include:

  • Current account management
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawal from an ATM in the Slovak Republic and abroad
  • Transfers from account to abroad
  • Digital banking services
  • Cash withdrawals at Tatra banka branches
  • SEPA and foreign payment orders

You will have the fees waived for 12 months from March 1, 2022 to March 1, 2023.

Tatra Customer Service in Ukrainian

The bank has a number of communication options for customer service in Ukrainian. They are the following:

  • Call *1100
  • If you call from a land line, dial: 0800 00 1100
  • If you call from abroad, dial: +421 2/5919 1000
  • E-mail address:
  • Online chatbot Adam is available 24 hours

More Information About Bank Accounts for Ukrainian Refugees

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