Payment Gateway Solutions in Ghana

With many businesses moving online in Ghana, the challenge has always been in accepting online payments. As such, there is a need for proper online payment integration. Integrating the most suitable payment gateway to your ecommerce website or on-site payments makes it convenient for both buyers and sellers since your customers can pay for products from anywhere and at any time. This article will help you to decide on the right payment gateway providers in Ghana.

A payment gateway in Ghana will allow you to:

  • Accept multicurrency credit card and debit card payments from around the world
  • Accept mobile money payment such as MTM Money and Glo Mobile Money
  • Integrate shopping carts and ecommerce platforms and plugins such as Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, etc., on your website or online store
  • Manage recurring and subscription billing
  • Integrate invoicing and accounting software

Businesses That Need Payment Service Providers in Ghana include the following:

  • Online stores
  • Hotels
  • Airlines
  • Utility and bills payments
  • Travel agents and tour operators
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Logistics companies
  • Insurance companies

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Platform for Online Payments in Ghana

There are numerous online payment apps and platforms in Ghana, and it is crucial that you choose the right one for your business. The following are factors to consider when selecting a payment gateway in Ghana.

  • Security. Businesses need to carry out their activities in a safe environment. Additionally, they need to keep customer data safe from unauthorized people. As such, you will have to choose a payment gateway with strong security systems.
  • Payout time. You have to know the time it will take for your business to access your funds. Shorter payout time is the best choice. However, some payment solutions take may take more than a month to remit your funds.
  • Reserve funds. Payment solutions have a standard practice of holding a percentage of your funds for 3-6 months to cover potential financial risk. You should be aware of this and make sure you know what percentage will be covered in reserve funds for every transaction.
  • Fees. Different payment gateways charge different types of fees. Common fees are set up fees, transaction fees and monthly fees. It is best to compare the fees before picking one for your online business.
  • Processing Speed. The speed of money transfers after making a sale is crucial to consider. Fast payment processing improves the general operational efficiency of your payment gateway.
  • International Payments. An ideal payment gateway is one that supports international payments/multicurrency. This allows you to have a broader market and consequently grow your business.
  • Recurring billing. If your business supports subscription-based customers, the best payment gateway must offer a recurring billing feature.
  • Customer Experience. A good payment gateway is one that is easy to use. Customers will prefer to follow a simple and straightforward payment process.

Payment Service Providers in Ghana

The following are best payment gateways in Ghana that might work for you.

Myghpay Ghana

Myghpay is the largest integrated online payment platform in Ghana. It enables businesses, individuals, and institutions to make and receive payments online using Visa, MasterCard, QR Codes, GTBank account, Mobile wallet, and GH-link enabled card. Myghpay offers a wide range of services which includes paying for utilities (electricity bills, water bills, etc.), school fees, insurance, travel and tours, shipping, purchasing airtime, and to make mobile money transactions. Myghpay also provides a mobile app available for both Android and iOS.

GTPay Ghana

GTPay payment gateway is a secure payment gateway owned by GTBank in Ghana. It enables business clients such as supermarkets, airlines, churches, hotels, and educational institutions to accept payments on their websites. GTPay accepts online payments using credit cards and debit cards. GTPay accepts both local and international cards including Visa, MasterCard, and Interswitch. This payment gateway has an online monitoring dashboard that allows merchants to view transactions as they occur.

MFS Africa Ghana

MFS Africa is the largest digital payments gateway on the continent. The fintench offers cross-border, cross-currency, and cross-network digital payments solutions in Ghana. Its main specialty is in mobile payments, insurance, micro-lending, international money transfers, virtual cards, eCommerce, and p2p cross border mobile money transfer.

Its platform allows micro loan, insurance and utility providers to collect payments using mobile money, website, an app, or USSD menu. Moreover, online traders in Ghana can collect funds from shoppers and subscribers around the world. Its clients include global merchants, remittance companies, global development organizations, banks and financial service providers.

Direct Pay Online Ghana

The Direct Pay Online (DPO payment gateway supports over 100, 000 merchants. These include hotels, airlines, restaurants and travel agents in Africa. With DPO, you can accept payments in USD, GBP, GHS, or any other international currencies. DPO accepts payments via credit cards, debit cards, local mobile money wallets, and bank transfers. DPO integrates with leading shopping cart platforms including Ecwid, Magento, Wix, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Gravity, and Shopify. If you do not have a website for your business, you can request a payment via email, WhatsApp, or SMS by sending a payment link to your customers.

Flutterwave Ghana

Flutterwave is a payment gateway offers a flexible checkout process where clients can make online payments in their local currency, using their preferred platform (web or mobile), and using their preferred payment method. Additionally, Flutterwave’s Checkout is very responsive, fast, secure, and user-friendly. Flutterwave also has another feature; customizable payment links. You can create and send Flutterwave payments links to clients to facilitate payment.

Paystack Ghana

Paystack is a Nigerian company that provides online payment solutions in Africa, including Ghana. It allows businesses to accept payments via credit card, debit card, and mobile money on their mobile apps and websites. The supported cards include MasterCard, Visa, and Verve cards. Paystack also allows schools and universities to easily collect fees from students online.

Slydepay Ghana

Slydepay (formerly iWallet) is a payment gateway provider that allows you to accept payments from other payment processors like Visa, Mobile money, and MasterCard. Slydepay allows you to pay your bills, pay your employees, pay organizational fees, and school fees. Integrating Slydepay on to your website or mobile API takes it easier to receive payments from customers since customers only have to scan or enter a code to pay.

iPay Ghana

iPay is one of the popular online payment platforms in Ghana. It is easy to integrate on your website and it supports Visa, MasterCard, mobile wallet, and GH-link enabled card. iPay helps businesses simplify their payments, manage inventory, pay suppliers and employees, and more. If you do not have a website, you can create a payment link and start selling online.

Hubtel Ghana

Hubtel payment gateway that helps to organize sales processes in-store, online, and on mobile. You can pay using any mobile money network or bank card on Hubtel. You can also add and manage all your cards from your Hubtel wallet. Moreover, your clients can order in store or online and Hubtel Careforce, its delivery service, will make the delivery.

In March 2020, Hubtel launched GHQR, a national Quick Response (QR) camera scan and pay service available on smartphone apps of all licensed commercial banks and financial technology providers in Ghana. Customers that use these apps can simply scan a GHQR code to pay a supported business or person.

No card. No POS machine. No prompts. Just direct, instant payment into your bank account from any bank app.

ExpressPay Ghana

ExpressPay is a payment gateway provider in Ghana that allows you to make bill payments (Surfline Internet, hotel bills, BoxOffice, DStv, and GOtv services) and buy airtime for all the major telcos. The platform supports all major international card networks including Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and others. It also supports mobile money payments.

Final Words on Payment Gateways in Ghana

The landscape of online payment platforms in Ghana is diverse, offering a multitude of options for businesses. To make the best decision for your business, it’s essential to thoroughly evaluate each platform based on factors such as functionality, supported payment methods, user experience, and fees. By conducting a comprehensive assessment, you can ensure that the chosen payment gateway aligns with your business needs and provides a seamless experience for your customers.

Based in Mombasa, Kenya, Daisy is our African expert writer and researcher specilising in banking, cryptocurrency, and general personal finance issues in Africa. Daisy is a graduate of Chuka University in Nairobi, Kenya.