Axerve is a payment solution that simplifies payments in Italy and the UK. Specifically, Axerve offers payment gateway aggregator and eCommerce solutions. The platform supports 250 alternative payment methods and 20 acquirers worldwide. Axerve is currently providing services to approximately 50% of online stores in Italy while it was recently introduced in the UK market.

Advantages of Axerve Payment Solution

  • Reduces costs by maintaining multiple payment gateways under one platform
  • Manages payment processes from multiple transactions, currencies and countries
  • Gives users a better purchasing experience since they can make payments in a single click
  • Increases sales opportunities by making payment easier

Axerve Solutions

Payment Gateway Aggregator

Axerve Payment Orchestra is a global payment gateway aggregator, which allows your business to integrate multiple international eCommerce payments through a single platform in a quick and secure way. The gateway is linked to the eCommerce website and manages the entire transaction, up to thank you page. You can integrate Payment Orchestra with payment solutions like Stripe, Braintree, Wise, Skrill, Amazon Pay, Alipay, PayPal, WorldPay,, Adyen, Klarna and many others.

It comes with plug-ins for easy integration with Magento, Woocommerce, Salesforce and Prestashop and libraries for the main CMS and programming languages.

Axerve eCommerce

Axerve eCommerce solution allows your business to accept cards of the main domestic and international payment schemes and more than 250 alternative payment systems in the currency you prefer. The solution also offers tokenisation services of the main international payment schemes to help retailers to reduce fraudulent transactions (buyers need to enter their card data only once).


Axerve Features

Axerve has the following features:

  • Axerve POS Easy. It is dedicated to small and medium enterprises to allow merchants to reduce acceptance costs. You can connect POS Easy to any IBAN, hence the merchant won’t need to open a dedicated bank account.
  • Multi-currency service. You offer your customers the possibility of paying in their own currency and you collect funds in yours.
  • Manage subscription and membership. If you sell subscription and membership products or services, you can set up recurring payments for your customers.
  • Axerve API. It allows for the automation of payment management functions like receipts and refunds. It eliminates the manual activities and you can set a transaction to start automatically when some conditions are met.
  • Cash in. It is a smart way to digitize cash in a store. It involves installing a smart safe case at the point of sale and when cash is paid, it s credited directly to Banca Sella’s current account in real-time. The cash machine is automated and when banknotes are about to fill in, it sends a request to the transport company for collection.
  • Single access point. Users can manage all the payment processes from a single platform. You can use Axerve to activate or deactivate different providers and payment systems using its control panel.
  • Artificial Intelligence. Axerve uses artificial intelligence for multi-solution integration to automatically switch payments to that one preferred by the user.
  • End-to-end service. Axerve is end to end configured and does not require technical integration. You can monitor performance right from the dashboard where you can produce and manage reports.

How Payment Orchestra Can Help Your Business

When you integrate your business with Payment Orchestra, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • You will never miss a transaction. It is because the multi-integration system allows you to switch payment to the best-performing provider at the time of purchase.
  • Manage all payments with a single click. It allows you to activate and deactivate your payment systems with only a single click.
  • Cuts cost. Payment Orchestra cuts cost significantly by eliminating multiple integrations and thereby allowing you to manage payments from a single platform.

Axerve Fees

ServiceAxerve Starter PlanAxerve Professional PlanAxerve Enterprise Plan
Monthly costFree€ 19.90 + TaxFrom 100 € + VAT
Activation cost (one-off)€ 16€ 166Request a quote
Costs per transaction3% + € 0.353%Request a quote

Is Axerve Secure?

Axerve payment solution complies with PCI DSS standards. Your data is protected from credit card fraud and is 3D secure. As such, it can help you make risky payments without any losses.

Axerve Supported Countries

Axerve is currently available in only two countries. However, your online store can receive payments from all over the world. They are:

  • Italy
  • United Kingdom

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