10 Best E-commerce Platforms in Rwanda

The ecommerce industry is booming in African countries, including Rwanda. This is mainly due to the steady growth in technology and internet penetration in the country. An increase in the number of online shoppers has also led to the increase of online selling platforms and marketplaces to meet the growing demand. Shopping is now fast and highly convenient. The following are some of the best ecommerce platforms in Rwanda.

List of Ecommerce Platforms in Rwanda


sokomall rwanda

SokoMall is a low-price ecommerce company in Rwanda. Some of the products sold here include groceries, mobile phones and accessories, electronics, shoes and bags, health and beauty products, home décor and jewelry, and more. SokoMall’s delivery hours are from 0800h to 1900h every day. When you place an order, it comes within 3 hours. However, orders placed after 3:00pm are delivered the next day. On payments, SokoMall accepts several payment methods including debit cards, Cash on delivery, and MoMo Pay.

Iduka Online

iduka online rwanda

Iduka Online is one of the best online ecommerce and delivery platform that allows users to buy and sell goods across different categories. You can buy or sell electronics, baby products, computers, kitchen appliances, health and beauty products, furniture, and more. The platform also provides fast and reliable delivery services. Iduka Online makes money from monthly subscriptions and delivery charges.


kasha rwanda

Kasha is a popular ecommerce platform in Rwanda that enables women to access a variety of health and self-care products. The products include emergency contraceptive oils, lotions, hair products, sanitary towels, and more. Men can also buy healthcare products from this platform. How Kasha works, after choosing products to purchase, place your order and make your payment via Bank card, mobile money, or cash on delivery. Then choose where you want your products to be delivered to you.

Vuba Vuba

vuba vuba food delivery

Vuba Vuba is a local online food delivery platform that is increasing in popularity. Its operations include delivering food to clients from restaurants, daily essential goods from supermarkets, and drinks and beverages under its Liquor Store Category. The platform receives food and grocery orders from residents and delivers them to homes and offices. Vuba Vuba app is a food hailing business app that enables small business owners, supermarkets, and hotels to transact effectively.


store2door rwanda

Store2Door is an ecommerce company in Rwanda that deals with grocery delivery services around Kigali. Store2Door offers both local and international brands at competitive prices. Their products include vegetables, fresh vegetables, poultry, dry goods, and meat. Store2Door orders are delivered on a first come basis between 9:00AM – 5:00PM. So, if you place your order early, you will receive an early delivery.


olado rwanda

Olado is another ecommerce platform in Rwanda that provides an online marketplace to link up buyers and sellers for business purposes. Olado facilitates transactions related to electronics, art and entertainment, jewelry and watches, home appliances, sports equipment, women’s fashion, health and beauty products, men’s fashion, and Agri-products.


murukali rwanda

Murukali is one of the best ecommerce platforms in Rwanda that deals with the buying and delivery of office equipment, cosmetics, baby products, gifts, groceries, and other home essentials. How Murukali works, it helps startups advertise their products on the platform and when consumers purchase these products, Murukali does the delivery. Clients can place their orders via WhatsApp, phone, or by SMS. The platform supports a wide range of payment methods including mobile money, cash on delivery, and bank transfer. The shopping requests are processed and delivered in less than 3 hours (for clients in Kigali) and within 7 days to people living outside the city.

Murukali targets private companies, mothers, single people who lead busy lifestyles, the working class, new residents who do not know where to shop, and those living abroad who want to shop for people in Rwanda. The platform has facilitated shopping for clients in the USA, Switzerland, Kenya, Australia, Uganda, and other countries.


rwandaclothing online

Rwandaclothing is a Rwandan fashion ecommerce platform that produces clothing, home décor items and accessories, and couture. The company was originally known for producing clothes in colorful fabric (kitenge) but it is now evolving to accommodate more niches.


rwandaclothing online

DP World launched DUBUY.com, a global wholesale ecommerce platform for all Rwandan licensed importers, exporters, and manufacturers. The platform is partnering with the Rwandan Government and local businesses to help small and medium-sized businesses gain access to global markets.  DP World’s end-to-end integrated supply chain services will play a big role in the fulfillment of orders for export and receiving goods. DUBUY.com also ensures that all transactions on the site are secure.

Final Thoughts on E-commerce Websites in Rwanda

People in Rwanda are turning to online shopping because of the convenience it offers. This has been made possible with the advancement of technology and innovation in the country. Online marketplaces are playing a big role in the growth of the Rwandan economy.

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