French language content strategist with a focus on Africa


We are looking for a French language content strategist with a focus on Africa (Françafrique) and France. Initially this will be a part time position.

Do you love to develop financial content and can you manage to work in a multilingual team while being an independent worker? Then get in touch!

Your mission

Your mission is to manage content for your region or language for FiFi Finance. This includes:

  • Identifying new opportunities for new content using our in-house tool.
  • Adding new content or managing translations
  • Translating content from English (or Spanish/ German/ French or any other language we have) to your language.
  • Optimize existing content.
  • Make sure existing content is up to date and factual correct.
  • Add information to existing article, identify new opportunities and branch the content opportunities into new articles.
  • Give structure to the information with categories and tags, making it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for.
  • Manage outreach to the wider community through social media and discover link opportunities in your language.

Our content

Our content follows these principles:

  • Present relevant information fast and above the fold
  • Make the content visually appealing
  • Provide structure and be critical on how you can improve content.
  • An article is never finished and can always be expanded and branched into other articles when the opportunities arrive

We follow the flow of visitors and how they find us. We look at these keywords they use to find our information. We analyse how well we are helping these visitors, and we improve and expand where we can.

Must have

  • excellent, impeccable French
  • Being able to present complex information in easy to understand language
  • high level English
  • experience with CMS platforms, ideally WordPress
  • ability to translate into French
  • end-editing
  • content-strategist
  • good knowledge of African context

Nice to have

  • SEO
  • financial background
  • knowledge of Bitcoin (not: blockchain)
  • writing in one or more African languages, such as Bambara, Wolof, Peul, Lingala, and other languages spoken by at least 5 million speakers

Example tasks

  • translate articles into French (initially)
  • manage translators, make sure their work adheres to our standard of quality
  • improve on-page SEO of articles
  • media outreach: get our articles features on social media, in newspapers, on blogs, podcasts
  • update already translated articles based on updates in the English source article and other information ready available

How to apply?

Send us a bilingual message at hire arobase


We will also be looking for content strategists for these languages:

  • Arabic
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Estonian
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Spanish

For more information also see our post about FiFi Country Coordinator.

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