FiFi Country Coordinator

We are looking for multiple FiFi Country Coordinators (FiFi CoCo) and content strategists. This is a combined function. As a content strategist or country coordinator you are part of our team to structure and grow our multilingual financial portal.

Initially this will be a part time position. Do you love to develop financial content and can you manage to work in a multilingual team while being an independent worker? Then get in touch!

Some buzzwords

  • location independence
  • potential for passive income
  • challenge and responsibility
  • part of team

Requirements, responsibilities, tasks, rewards

As a Fifi coco you are in charge of FiFi for your country. You are responsible for growth. You do this by combining digital marketing skills, basic web administration, hands-on writing and coordinating.

Your mission

Your mission is to manage content for your region or language for FiFi Finance. This includes:

  • Identifying new opportunities for new content using our in-house tool.
  • Adding new content or managing translations
  • Translating content from English (or Spanish/ German/ French or any other language we have) to your language.
  • Optimize existing content.
  • Make sure existing content is up to date and factual correct.
  • Add information to existing article, identify new opportunities and branch the content opportunities into new articles.
  • Give structure to the information with categories and tags, making it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for.
  • Manage outreach to the wider community through social media and discover link opportunities in your language.

Our content

Our content follows these principles:

  • Present relevant information fast and above the fold
  • Make the content visually appealing
  • Provide structure and be critical on how you can improve content.
  • An article is never finished and can always be expanded and branched into other articles when the opportunities arrive

We follow the flow of visitors and how they find us. We look at these keywords they use to find our information. We analyse how well we are helping these visitors, and we improve and expand where we can.


These are your responsibilities:

  • Build the FiFi brand: help people in your country move forward financially
  • Create new content, initially and ongoing
  • Optimize existing content
  • Find opportunities
  • Stay current on local financial and regulatory developments
  • Learn and apply online marketing
  • Build partnerships with local and international businesses
  • Think along with the management team


Here is an incomplete list of tasks you can expect:

  • Writing and editing articles in your country’s language with good grammar and spelling
  • Search engine optimization. We have our in-house tool for on-page SEO.
  • Stay on top of analytics, rankings.
  • Ensure affiliate tracking leads to conversion and revenue.
  • Create new partnerships.
  • Social media profiles.



  • You can write, you even enjoy writing and you can write mostly flawless in your country’s language.
  • You can quickly translate from English into your own language and vice versa.
  • You are quite comfortable with WordPress or similar web content management systems. You don’t need to be a geek (although great if you are!) but you’re a quick learner when it comes to technology. We write in Markdown and some basic HTML is also required.
  • You show initiative, and you don’t wait ringing alarm bells when there’s a problem.

Good to have:

  • Freelance work experience
  • Experience with online marketing
  • Knowledge of HTML, markdown

Why work with FiFi?

  • Total flexibility in terms of schedule and deadlines
  • You choose where you work
  • Profit sharing (and at some point we’ll do stock options)
  • You will learn a lot


No salary or hourly rates. We pay you per task, with bonuses for loyalty and milestones. Once your country becomes profitable you will start sharing in these profits. There are no limits to your earnings.


Write us an e-mail at hire at

Ndesanjo is an experienced writer and researcher on finance issues. With an MA from the University of Toledo, USA, he is a valuable asset to the FiFi editorial team, and his work helps to make finance work for everyone. He has lived in 5 countries and speaks 3 languages. Read more about the editorial team at FiFi and our editorial guidelines.