FiFi Country Coordinator (FiFi CoCo)

  • location independence
  • potential for passive income
  • challenge and responsibility
  • part of team

requirements, responsibilities, tasks, rewards

This is a work in progress. We love to hear your feedback and/or interest.

As a fifi coco you are in charge of FiFi for your country. You are responsible for growth. You do this by combining digital marketing skills, basic web administration, hands-on writing and coordinating.


These are your responsibilities:

  • Build the FiFi brand: help people in your country move forward financially
  • Create new content, initially and ongoing
  • Optimize existing content
  • Find opportunities
  • Stay current on local financial and regulatory developments
  • Learn and apply online marketing
  • Build partnerships with local and international businesses
  • Think along with the management team


Here is an incomplete list of tasks you can expect:

  • Writing and editing articles in your country’s language with good grammar and spelling
  • Search engine optimization. We have our in-house tool for on-page SEO.
  • Stay on top of analytics, rankings.
  • Ensure affiliate tracking leads to conversion and revenue.
  • Create new partnerships.
  • Social media profiles.



  • You can write, you even enjoy writing and you can write mostly flawless in your country’s language.
  • You can quickly translate from English into your own language and vice versa.
  • You are quite comfortable with WordPress or similar web content management systems. You don’t need to be a geek (although great if you are!) but you’re a quick learner when it comes to technology.
  • You show initiative, and you don’t wait ringing alarm bells when there’s a problem.

Good to have:

  • Freelance work experience
  • Experience with online marketing
  • Knowledge of HTML, markdown

Why work with FiFi?

  • Total flexibility in terms of schedule and deadlines
  • You choose where you work
  • Profit sharing (and at some point we’ll do stock options)
  • You will learn a lot


No salary or hourly rates.

We pay you per task, with bonuses for loyalty and milestones. Once your country becomes profitable you will start sharing in these profits.