Skrill to MPESA: How to Withdraw Money from Skrill to MPESA in 2021

First, is Skrill available in Kenya? The answer is yes. Skrill is a popular money transfer and online payment platform that you can use to send money, receive money, and make payments. Kenyans earning income via online freelancing use Skrill and other payment methods for freelancers in Africa. Safaricom has partnered with Skrill to ensure that M-Pesa users can receive money from abroad. The following is how to send money from Skrill to MPesa in Kenya.

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How to Send Money from Skrill to Mpesa

The information below will show you to to transfer money from Skrill to Mpesa.

Register or Log into Your Skrill Account

You probably have a Skrill account and some funds in it if you want to transfer the funds to M-Pesa. If not, you will need to create a Skrill account for free. You or your client might add/deposit money to your Skrill account using a debit or credit card that you will later need to withdraw to your M-Pesa account.

How to Add Mpesa to Skrill / How to Link Skrill to Mpesa

After creating an account or logging into your Skrill account, click on “Withdraw”, then select “Mobile Wallet” and next click “Add a Mobile Wallet”. Then, select the mobile operator (M-Pesa) and enter your phone number that is registered in your name. Otherwise, your transaction will be cancelled. You can add up to 5 mobile wallets.

How to Withdraw from Skrill to Mpesa

Adding your M-Pesa number means you have linked your Safaricom MPESA number to Skrill and you can withdraw funds from Skrill to Mpesa. If your mobile wallet was added, it will show up automatically when you click “Withdraw”. You will need to type in the amount you want to withdraw. You will see on display the minimum and maximum amounts you can transfer to M-PESA.

Confirm your Details

After entering the amount you would like to withdraw from Skrill to Mpesa, click “Next”. You will see how much money you will receive in your M-Pesa account and the fee. Then, you will need to confirm your transaction details. Check if everything is okay and if satisfied, click on “Confirm”

Complete the Transaction

Once you have confirmed that the transaction details are correct, complete the transaction. Skrill to M-Pesa transfers are usually instant and you should get your cash in a few minutes. However, sometimes there are delays and it could take a few hours. You will be notified on your M-Pesa, Skrill, and email when the cash gets to your M-Pesa. If your withdrawal does not take place completely, it means you did not complete account verification and you will need to do that.

Skrill to Mpesa Tanzania: Although Skrill is available to clients in Tanzania, M-Pesa is not available as a withdrawal option from a Skrill wallet in Tanzania.

Mpesa to Skrill 2021: How to Deposit Money from Mpesa to Skrill

Can I Transfer Money from Mpesa to Skrill? Safaricom has not yet provided a direct transfer solution making it impossible to directly send money from Mpesa to Skrill in Kenya. However, there is an indirect method for depositing money from your M-Pesa account to Skrill. You will first need to create an account with EastPesa then follow the normal M-Pesa Paybill method.

First, create an account on EastPesa and ensure you have enough money in your M-Pesa account for the transaction (keeping in mind the Mpesa to Skrill charges and exchange rate). The EastPesa rate checker will help you know the amount of money you need for the whole transaction.

To start the Mpesa to Skrill transfer, click on the ‘Get Started’ button in your EastPesa account. On your M-Pesa menu, go to the Lipa na M-Pesa option and proceed to the Paybill section. Enter the Paybill number generated automatically on your EastPesa online page. Your EastPesa online page will also generate an account number for that particular transaction.

Next, enter the amount you wish to send, enter your M-Pesa PIN number and send the request. The minimum amount you can send is Ksh 755 and the maximum amount is Ksh 70,000. It is important to cross-check the details of your transaction before sending the request. Once you have confirmed the transaction details and sent the request to transfer money, your Skrill account should be loaded instantly or it may take a few hours. Alternatively, you can check your EastPesa account to confirm the status of your transfer.

Skrill Charges

Skrill is among the few money transfer platforms that offers its clients low transaction fees. Skrill fees will depend on the amount of money you want to send or withdraw. All in all, Skrill to MPesa charges shouldn’t be expensive. The charges you will need to consider when making transactions to and from your Skrill account include the following:

  • Uploading funds. You will be charged 1% of the amount you upload using local payment methods such as bank transfers, bitcoin, fast bank transfer and the same 1% of the amount you upload for global payment methods such as American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, etc.
  • Currency conversion. You will pay a fee of 3.99% of the amount you are transacting if the transaction involves currency conversion.
  • Withdrawing funds. The fee is GBP 4.76/EUR 5.50 for bank transfers and 7.5% for VISA transfers when for local payment methods and also GBP 4.76/EUR 5.50 for global payment methods such as SWIFT.
  • Inactivity fee. You will pay EUR 5.00 each month if you don’t use your account for more than 12 months.
  • Sending money. You will be charged a fee of between 1.45% and 5.50% of the amount you are sending. Sending money to a bank account does not attract any fee.

Final Thoughts on How to Withdraw Money from Skrill to MPESA 2021

Money withdrawal from your Skrill account to your MPesa account is easy and straightforward. The Skrill to MPesa service in Kenya is transparent, secure, cheap, and fast.

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