Mobile Payment Solutions in Zambia

The adoption of mobile payments in Zambia is fueled by smartphone uptake, the growth of eCommerce, and high-speed mobile data networks. Mobile payments are also referred to as Mobile Money Transfer, Mobile Money, or m-payments. Mobile devices can be used to make everyday purchases on eCommerce sites, at retail shops, and even within apps.

Ways to Make Mobile Payments

Some of the most common ways in which we use our smartphones to send and receive mobile payments include the following;

Mobile Browser-Based Payments

With mobile browser-based payments, customers visit eCommerce sites using their mobile devices, add products or services to a shopping cart, and enter payment details into the site’s checkout form to complete a purchase.

Contactless Mobile Payments or Mobile Wallets

Wireless technologies such as Bluetooth make it possible for shoppers and businesses to authorize transactions without having to physically swipe or dip credit or debit cards. Instead, one simply waves his or her mobile device across a contactless reader that wirelessly captures the relevant payment information. Near Field Communication (NFC) is also similar to Bluetooth but data transfers require closer proximity.

Mobile or Wireless Credit Card Readers

Businesses are turning smartphones and tablets into point-of-sale systems for on-the-go credit card acceptance. They do this by investing in add-on credit card readers that pair with mobile devices. Businesses use these mobile readers to swipe, dip or tap credit cards to accept payments on the spot. Further, businesses can also accept payments via a wireless credit card terminal.  Wireless terminals work off Wi-Fi to accept credit cards at various locations.

In-app Mobile Payments

Many businesses have apps and with this payment system, you open up the app for that business you want to buy from, pick what you want to buy and make a payment through the app. Initially, you will need to register your debit card, credit card, or ACH information once and then you can make payments any time you purchase goods or services.

Mobile Payment Solutions in Zambia

Mobile payments are becoming Zambia’s payment methods of choice because they are simple, affordable, and secure. The following are mobile payment solutions in Zambia.

Zazu Zambia

Zazu is a Zambian fintech startup that offers a money app to help people manage their finances directly from their phones. The Zazu app is available for both Android and iOS devices and is ideal for both individuals and businesses. Zazu also has content designed to improve your financial literacy. The following is everything you can do with the Zazu helpful money app.

  • ZazuPay. ZazuPay is a digital wallet that allows you to issue and accept QR payments through a smartphone application.
  • ZazuBills. Within the Zazu app is the ZazuBills, a bills payment feature through which you can buy prepaid products and services such as airtime, Gotv, DStv, electricity, and Topstar.
  • ZazuSend. Also, its ZazuSend feature allows you to easily transfer domestic funds from sender wallets to recipient wallets.
  • ZazuCard. The Zazu prepaid debit card is tied to the Zazu app. You can use it to transact at any POS terminal and also withdraw money from any ATM that accepts MasterCard.
  • Zazu Virtual Card. You can create a Zazu virtual card in the app. You can use it for secure eCommerce payments, money transfers, and digital mobile payments.

Tenga Mobile Money Wallet

Tenga Mobile Money is an initiative of the Atlas Mara bank to increase financial inclusion in Zambia. It offers financial solutions that enable Zambians to transfer money, invest, save, make bill payments, and take short term loans. Tenga is easily accessible via Tenga USSD code (*360#), Android and Apple Apps on any mobile phone and it serves Zambians holding an NRC and a local mobile number. With Tenga, you can transfer money to any mobile number and the recipient can withdraw it from any Atlas Mara ATM, branch or Zoona outlet countrywide. You can also transfer funds to any Atlas Mara Prepaid Cards.

Tingg Zambia

Tingg is a digital payments platform powered by Cellulant to provide mobile payment services to its customers in Zambia. The platform specializes in mobile payments in Zambia and other forms of e-payments. The Tingg wallet allows you to buy, pay bills, send and receive money, and manage your transactions privately.

To use Tingg Zambia, you need to have a smartphone that can download Tingg App from Playstore, or any mobile device that can allow you to dial a Tingg USSD code. You will also need a registered local mobile line with an active bank wallet or mobile money wallet. To make payments via USSD in Zambia, customers simply dial Ting USSD *265# and enter the seller’s merchant code. To offer seamless mobile payment solutions, Tingg has partnered with the largest mobile money operators in Zambia (MTN Money, Airtel Money). Zambian companies that use Tingg include Ross Breeders, Yalelo, TopStar, etc.

Tingg Zambia contact number: 260971246170 / Tingg short code: *265#

Flutterwave Zambia

Flutterwave offers mobile payment solutions in Zambia where merchants accept payments from customers using their mobile money wallets. To accept payments using Zambia mobile money, you first send your payload to Flutterwave’s charge endpoint. Flutterwave sends you a response with a link. You are required to redirect your customers to that link to complete the transaction. On the link, your customers will be required to provide an OTP sent to their telephone numbers for verification. When the transaction is completed, you will get a transaction notification. If you provided a redirect URL, the page will redirect to your redirect URL, and if not, a webhook will be sent to your provisioned hook URLs. After successful payment, verify the payment. In Zambia, Flutterwave has partnered with Airtel Money and MTN Money to digitize financial services.

Digital PayGo

Digital PayGo is a fintech company in Zambia that provides merchant mobile payments and Shared Agent Banking solutions. The Digital PayGo Merchant Mobile payment solution allows customers to pay merchants directly from their phones by scanning a QR code. You simply open your banking app, scan the QR code and check the merchants name, enter the amount you want to send and pay. Recently, MasterCard partnered with Digital PayGo to launch a merchant mobile payments solution called “SME-in-a-Box”. SME-in-a-Box is built on MasterCard’s payment technology to allow digital transactions through the use of digital PayGo USSD code, Mobile Application, a Virtual and Physical card, Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS), and a scan-able QR code.

Final Thoughts on Mobile Payment Solutions in Zambia

The growing technology and the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic have triggered a widespread shift in the adoption of mobile apps in Zambia for payment services. Many payment solution providers offer mobile payment solutions to ensure fast, convenient and safe transactions. All you need to do is search the market to choose a trusted payment solution provider who meets your personal and business needs.

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