Taxdoo Review: Tax Compliance Platform for E-commerce in EU

Taxdoo is an automated value added tax for online merchants and tax consultants. The company registers and submits VAT returns and annual reports in EU countries and other VAT returns (e.g. SAF-T in Poland). Taxdoo APIs integrates with most widely used online marketplaces and ERP systems. Taxdoo system automatically recognises your tax liabilities throughout EU and eliminate manual tasks to minimise the financial risks of cross-border e-commerce.

What is Special About Taxdoo

  • Automated tax data drawing via interfaces to marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, JTL as well as ERP systems.
  • DATEV export for the efficient handling of financial accounting
  • Submission of VAT returns in all EU countries.
  • VAT registration in all EU countries.
  • Pro-forma invoices to document the movements of goods.
  • Automated VAT data preparation for the entire EU.

How Taxdoo Works


You simply register online with Taxdoo and connect your VAT channels or your ERP / WaWi system in just a few minutes. Taxdoo will automatically import all your data relevant to VAT and determine which EU countries you have been subject to VAT, since when you have been subject to VAT and for what reasons. If you want to register for value added tax abroad, Taxdoo will start the process of registering VAT in other EU countries and submit your VAT returns on a monthly or quarterly basis.

If you book for your personal free demo, an expert will guide you through the sales tax dashboard and discuss the status quo and the next steps.

Taxdoo software recognises your respective European VAT obligations in other EU countries and displays this information clearly in our customer dashboard. This includes, for example, the distance selling threshold, the checking of VAT IDs or the use of foreign warehouses.

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Taxdoo Services

Forget about complex EU tax regulations. By offering a comprehensive solution on automated tax determination, we empower marketplace operators to focus on their core business.

Data Collection

Taxdoo uses interfaces to collect all necessary data (turnover, refunds and stock movements) fully automated and updated on a daily basis. This means you don’t need to conduct manual uploads. In addition, an automatic retrospective processing is also possible.

Evaluation and Monitoring

  • Plausibility. Automated plausibility checks for risk minimisation.
  • Distance selling thresholds. Taxdoo monitors on a daily basis whether distance selling thresholds to foreign countries are exceeded. Current exchange rates and differing tax rates are also taken into account.
  • Intrastat reporting thresholds. On a monthly basis, the Intrastat reporting thresholds per direction of goods and the resulting reporting obligations are monitored automatically.
  • Warehouse usage. Taxdoo automatically detects as soon as a foreign warehouse is first used in Amazon’s FBA program.
  • Dashboard. An overview of your tax obligations is conveniently located in your personal Taxdoo dashboard.

Filling in Other EU Countries

Taxdoo collaborates with local tax consultants throughout the EU to ensure reliable compliance with all local regulations, communicate with the respective tax authorities and manage all your VAT obligations throughout the EU such as:

  • Value added tax advance return
  • Value added tax annual return
  • Value added tax recapitulative statement
  • Other reports such as SAF-T in Poland

Taxdoo maps the entire data transmission in the required format in your country. For this purpose, a specially created software infrastructure is used.

Taxdoo provides you with an automated One-Stop-Shop (OSS) data export to allow cross-border B2C transactions to be easily reported via the OSS. In addition, Taxdoo supports you in submitting Intrastat declarations in many states of the EU.

Financial Accounting and Documentation

  • Use of data for financial accounting. The data processed by Taxdoo is structured in the dashboard according to countries, VAT rates and type of VAT liability. This enables you to make a simple transfer to financial accounting.
  • Pro-forma invoices. Taxdoo automatically creates pro-forma invoices for you.
  • Documentation. Taxdoo enables correct accounting and audit-proof documentation of all e-commerce transactions.

For tax consultants: Mandates in online trading are among the fastest growing segments in tax advice. Due to a variety of special VAT regulations and the high number of transactions, these mandates often involve a high level of risk. The Taxdoo VAT dashboard provides all of your client’s relevant VAT figures at a glance.


Supported Interfaces

Online marketplaces and third party providers that are supported by Taxdoo include the following:

  • Shopify
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • PrestaShop
  • Shopware
  • JTL
  • C-discount
  • Afterbuy
  • Plentymarkets
  • Tricoma
  • Billbee

Taxdoo Fees

The Taxdoo basic package is required to use Taxdoo. However, you can register for free for demo. For countries in which Taxdoo registers and submits VAT reports for you, you can decide on a country basis by country basis. For these there is no need to book a complete package.

Taxdoo Packages

Taxdoo PlanTaxdoo Plan Pricing
Taxdoo Starter PackageFrom 0 euro per month
Taxdoo Professional PackageFrom 49 euro per month
Taxdoo Premium PackageFrom 299 euro per month
FeatureMonthly costs
Base Package
up to 1,000 items89 €
up to 5,000 items119 €
up to 10,000 items149 €
up to 15,000 items199 €
up to 20,000 items249 €
more than 20,000 itemsContact Taxdoo for individual pricing
DATEV Export79 €
Pro Forma Invoices79 €
VAT reports including: summary reports additional reports such as SAF-T annual reports etc. per country79 €
VAT registration per country0 €*
Other services on request150 € (per hour)
OSS Export ( billed for the whole quarter, even when booking occurs during 2nd or 3rd months of the quarter)99 €
IOSS Export99 €

If you cancel your package before one year has elapsed, you will be charged 500€. However, the fee is reduced by half after 12 months. There’s a 250€ fee for cancellation of an ongoing registration.

You can pay for your Taxdoo package either by credit card or by SEPA direct debit.

Taxdoo Supported Countries

VAT registration and VAT returns can be submitted via Taxdoo in the following countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, France, Great Britain, Spain, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Sweden.

Is Taxdoo Safe?

Taxdoo is a legit company registered in Germany serving thousands of clients across Europe. The company has been in operation since 2016.

Taxdoo uses a number of methods to protect your data. All your data is encrypted and transmitted via secure connections. In addition, the platform maintains clearly defined user rights internally, use two-factor authentication in all possible cases.

Taxdoo Reviews

Taxdoo clients say the automated service has enabled them to focus on their core business and minimise tax risks. They also praise the Taxdoo dashboard as it allows them to have a better overview of their tax liabilities all over EU. Others are happy with simple onboarding process and Taxdoo customer service, saying personal contact with Taxdoo is a huge asset.

Taxdoo Alternatives

Other platforms you can use for value added tax management include:

Taxdoo Review: Conclusion

If you are an online merchant or ecommerce tax consultant, Taxdoo is a great platform for all your VAT registration, submission of VAT returns and annual reports and many more. In addition to its basic packages, you have the option of adding extra services such as generation of One-Stop-Shop transaction data (Taxdoo OSS), creation of pro-forma invoices, submission of Intrastat filings abroad, and accounting and audit-proof documentation.

More Taxdoo Information

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