Poland is an upcoming economy in Europe. The improvement of the economy and its beautiful cities are attracting many expats to the country. The country has a rich cultural heritage and the local people are very amicable hence attracting people to live and study in its towns.


If you wish to live in Poland, opening a bank account is a key priority. Opening a bank account in Poland is an easy process. This article will guide you on the necessary steps in opening a bank account.

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What documents are needed to open a Polish bank account?

Opening a bank account in Poland is a straight forward process especially if you are a resident. However, some banks do not provide financial products for non-residents. If you are a resident, the following are the required documents. You need a passport or a national ID card. You will also need proof of residence such as a rental contract. If you want a credit card, you will need to provide proof of employment or banking history. Many banks have English speaking staff and with a vast network of ATMs and branches. Most of the banks have long opening hours.

Is it possible to open a bank account from abroad?

Some banks offer internet banking and online account opening for residents. If you are a resident, it is possible to open a bank account remotely.


If you are not in Poland and wish to open a bank account, Bank Millennium provides remote account opening. You will need to fill forms online and the visit a courier with your documents. Also, carry your bank card. The courier will confirm your identification card and then complete the other paperwork that is required.

Is it possible to open a bank account as a non-resident?

It is good to research about the bank branches the requirements needed. Proof of address is needed when opening an account as a non-resident. Some banks offer international accounts non-residents for specific uses and limitations.

Best bank accounts in Poland for foreigners

Poland has a healthy and robust banking system. These banks offer a set of products to various groups ranging from students to businesses and organizations. The banks also have good ATM network and branches. They also provide modern banking facilities such as bill payments and transfers.

Confirm from your local bank if it offers correspondent relationship with Polish banks. If they have such a relationship, then it will be easy to switch to a Polish bank. The following are banks that you might consider opening an account with.


MBank is an internet bank which focuses on desktop and mobile banking. It takes advantage of third-party dealing with ATMs which serve its more than 5 million users. These ATMs charge small account fees.

Bank Pekao

Bank Pekao has been in operation for over 85 years with a vast network of ATMs and branches. The bank provides banking and financial services such as current accounts, savings account, card services and investment services. They provide phone and internet banking and they also have English speaking staff and agents in their service centres.

Bank Millennium

Bank Millennium offers cashback deals if you have a free current account. The bank also provides banking services such as debit cards and credit cards. It also offers savings, investment and partnership with ATMs.


PKO is among the largest banks in Poland. It offers a wide range of banking and financial products with retail banking solutions. PKO provides large retail and banking solutions such as business loans, mortgages and investments.

Banking charges

Before opening a bank account, visit the bank first to know its requirements of opening one, fees and enquire about the distribution of their branches and ATMs across the country. You can request for a list of charges from the agents. You will be in a position to decide on the bank that offers you the best services.

Some of the banks charges charged on accounts include fees to ensure that your account remains open and withdrawing fee from an ATM. Also, there are charges for moving money from one account to another.

Virtual bank account as an alternative

In Poland, banks have high charges from money transfers, especially for expats. This is because banks do not operate under the mid-market rate which is the rate used by bank users to trade currency with other banks. They charge above this rate to make a profit. They also add SWIFT fee which in turn adds up making the process very expensive. At the end of the transaction, 10% of the amount transacted is spent in currency conversion.

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