How to Make Money Writing Online


Many good writers ask themselves, “How can I earn money by writing online?” You can earn money while at your home whether you have a degree or not and make extra money by making use of your writing skill. So, what do you need to start writing online for money? You need a computer with a reliable internet connection. Once you have that, you can sign up for various freelance platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr. You can also use email newsletter platforms such as Substack to make money online.

Ways to Make Money Writing Online

There are several ways to make money writing online. Some of these ways include getting contracts from online freelance service providers or essay writing services, blogging, getting paid from guest blogging, using other freelancers and content writing for businesses.

Signing up for Freelance Service Providers

It is an excellent way to make money from writing. Many clients are busy. Hence they hire freelancers offering the services they require. All you need to do is to research on the best freelance site that suits your needs. Then sign up with the site. Some of the best freelance service providers that you might consider are Upwork and Fiverr.

Once you have created an account, make sure to list your skills and send appealing proposals to potential clients. Ensure that your bid is catchy and explains how you will use your skills to help the client. You can also send the client some of your previous works so that he has confidence in you.

Blogging for Money

By blogging, you will be teaching people by expressing your thoughts. You can use WordPress websites and create self-hosted blogs. Ensure that every blog has About page and Contact page. You may also want to use your blog for monetization. All you need to do is to have a Privacy Policy and Disclaimer page.

A blog is critical for writers since it helps them to develop style and audience. With your blogs, you can have a sidebar ad with a donate button or “hire me” request and link it to your writing account. When the audience read your posts, they can use the button to hire you in case they need writing services. You can also get hired for services based on your expertise. There are many bloggers who have become thought leaders in their fields through their writings. Make sure your posts are shareable on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Pitch a Guest Post

Most blogs accept guest posts while many also pay for the posts. All you need to do is to check on the posting guidelines and how to format your guest post. If you do it well, you can be sure to earn a lump sum from guest posting.

Using Other Freelancers

It is an excellent way to start writing for new writers. All you need to do is to identify a reputable freelancer and get into a contract to outsource labor. When you write on his behalf, he will help you fine-tune your skills by highlighting and correcting areas that require improvement. You will benefit in two ways, you will be earning while learning. The freelancer can also help you to get clients online and guide you on ways to write catchy proposals.

The other benefit of using other freelancers to help them in their task is that you can, you have someone to motivate you. Most of the freelancers who outsource labor ensure that they present high-quality work and therefore, they will ensure that you have adhered to all the instructions.

Content Writing for Businesses

With the increase in the number of business due to online marketing, most businesses are embracing online marketing. To do so, they hire smart writers for their audience. They may also need white papers and case studies. Getting into this market for new writers can be a bit tough, but once you have established yourself, you can start getting client referrals. It is therefore essential to interact with other freelancers in the market who can give you client referrals.

How to Make Money Writing Online

Apart from making money writing online, you can earn from other online services such as affiliate marketing, virtual assistant, web development and web designing. Use the above options to get started. Remember, every journey begins with the first step. Even the best writers started somewhere. All you require is determination and the will to learn. The more you write, you level up your writing skills and with time, you will have built a pool of clients.

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