opening bank account in kenya

How to Open Diaspora Bank Account in Kenya

Many people from Kenya are working abroad and frequently they may wish to save their money in Kenyan banks, invest or send money back home. For these reasons, they may…

How to Open a Bank Account in Kenya

In case you are thinking of settling in Kenya, it is crucial that you open a bank account. Thankfully, in Kenya we have many banks to choose from, both local…

How to Open a Diaspora Banking Account in Ghana

Diaspora banking account is a service that allows Ghanaians living and working outside the country to perform domestic and foreign transactions through a bank in Ghana. We have identified six…


What is M-Pesa Banking

M-Pesa is an innovative way of storing and transfering money by the use of mobile phones. It has an enourmous customer base and is slowly expanding over to other countries….