African languages that we’d like to cover

Our mission is to make finances work for everyone. Improving financial literacy is at the heart of that. An important focus for us is Africa. We believe there is more to be won in this continent, than already established countries with more financial literacy.

At FiFi Finance, we speak Swahili (Habari gani) and Amharic (ስላም)!

FiFi Finance Kiswahili

As part of this ongoing effort, we have already created FiFi Finance in Kiswahili. Swahili or Kiswahili is the language spoken by over 200 million in East, Central and Southern Africa, making it one of the 10 most widely spoken languages in the world. There are also Swahili speakers in as far as Oman and the Comoros. In Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda it’s an official language. 7 July was declared World Kiswahili Language Day by UNESCO Member States in 2021.

FiFi Finance Amharic

Recently we have also invested in our efforts to establish FiFi Finance Amharic. It’s one of the largest languages in the continent. It is the first language spoken by the Amharas, and also serves as a lingua franca for other populations residing in major cities and towns of Ethiopia.

In French we also have some content for people in Africa, but this still needs more active development. For this purpose, we are looking for a French language content strategist with a focus on Africa.

Other languages that we want to develop include Bambara, Peul, Wolof, Malagasy, Afrikaans, Yoruba, and Arabic. If you would like to take part of our mission, get in touch with us.

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Robin is one of the founders of FiFi Finance. He is our financial expert on loans, savings, wealth growth as well as our political and economic analyst. He is a former financial journalist and has been a web-editor for more than 20 years. Read more about the whole editorial team at FiFi.