Companies Offering Services Similar to Curve

Curve is a UK fintech company that offers the Curve Card which allows you to link and manage all your bank, gift cards, debit and credit cards from a single card through an app. Some of the features that the Curve card shares with other companies include instant notifications on spending, go back in time, spending categorization, free ATM withdrawals, and more. This article will discuss companies that offer similar services to Curve (A single card that stores all your debit and credit cards).

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VitraCash is a UK-based fintech company founded in 2020 with its first big market being in the UK and the EU. VitraCash offers the VitraCard that saves all your cards in one place and selects the best for every transaction you make. The VitraCard is a MasterCard debit card that is accepted in over 38 million locations worldwide.

How VitraCash Works

Users can connect all their payment methods to a VitraCard debit card within the VitraCash app. The VitraCard debit card uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to select the best card for every transaction. The cards are selected considering elements such as cashback, insurances, loyalty points, FX rates, and discounts. VitraCard helps you track your spending with automatic categorization, earn the best rewards on every transaction, get the lowest FX rates, and manage your finances in one place. All these features aim at helping you save money on every transaction.

Fuze Card

Fuze is a smart card device that comes in two variants; the Fuze Standard Card and the Fuze Saffiano Black Card. It combines all your debit/credit cards (Mag-stripe only), gift cards, and loyalty/membership cards in a single digital minimalist wallet. Fuze card does not support EMV chip cards. It is available on Play Store and App Store.

How the Fuze Card Works

After buying the Fuze Card device, you need to do the following to add your cards. You can store up to 30 different cards in it.

  • Barcode. This works with membership cards. You can use the camera on your smartphone to capture the your card’s barcode.
  • Card reader. This works with credit/debit cards. The card reader connects to your smartphone. You can swipe the magnetic stripe of the card through it and thus register it on the app and on Fuze Card.
  • Manually. You can manually copy in membership card details.

Once your cards are added you can go ahead and use them. Select a card to use via buttons on the card, Fuze will start to emulate the selected card’s data. Then, simply swipe it through the POS machine. The process of turning on the device, selecting the card you want to use, and emulating payment signals with its magnetic signals and barcode will only be authorized by the user via PIN.

Is the Fuze Card Safe to Use?

Absolutely. The card protects itself using auto-swipe technology by clearing all data and reverting to factory settings when a passcode entry error is detected 5 or more times. Also, it has a location tracking and you’ll receive notification if you leave it behind or if it’s on the move without you. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, all transactions are authorized via PIN only known to you.

Edge Mobile Payments

Edge Mobile Payments LLC is a Santa Cruz-based technology company that offers the Edge Card. The Edge card is an IoT (Internet of Things) Dynamic Payment Card that combines all your payment cards into a single device. It has a storage capacity of up to 50 credit, debit, loyalty, and gift cards. The Edge card allows you to pay with all the three primary payment card methods: TAP (NFC), DIP (EMV Chip), SWIPE (Magnetic Stripe). This card features a companion smartphone app: the Edge Mobile Pay App.

The Edge Pay App

The Edge Mobile Pay App is a standalone mobile wallet that allows you to store multiple credit cards and make contactless (NFC) payments on your phone or your Edge Card. The Edge Pay App has several financial management features including budgeting, proximity alerts, instant digital receipt storage, peer to peer payments, live activity feed, and multiple security features. The app has a software that chooses the card to be used during purchases based on FICO credit score, reward programs, and interest rates. It is available on iPhone and Android devices.

The Edge Cloud Wallet

The Edge Cloud Wallet is a smart cloud-based wallet that works in all e-commerce environments. It holds an unlimited number of your credit, debits, and loyalty cards to make online shopping seamless and secure.

The Aumax Application

The Aumax app is available to users in France and is compatible with Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Apple Pay, and Garmin Pay. Its Max card allows you to combine/aggregate your bank cards (up to 5 cards) into one and control them from the Max application.
You will have only one card in your wallet and only one code to remember for all your cards.

During transactions, you can switch between cards in a few clicks from your application to choose the best card for that particular transaction. To access this service, click on “Max Card” then select “Add a Card”. Next, scan and complete your card information. An authentication payment is made to your card and you will find this authentication payment on your account statement within 72 hours. Then, indicate the payment validation code when activating your card.

You can only scan cards with numbers embossed on it. Also, the card must be in the name of the customer and the information on the card should be identical to the information provided during registration. Foreign cards, business cards, cryptocurrency cards, American Express cards, prepaid cards (example Kard, Lydia, or Nickel), Visa only cards and cards that do not have French approval are not eligible for aggregation.

Final Thoughts on Similar Companies to Curve

These companies allow you to link and manage your finances from a single place without having to worry about how many cards you will carry around for your transactions. Their convenience, ease of use and top-notch security makes them popular.

Daisy Neema is a graduate of Chuka University. She is a prolific writer and researcher and has an interest in finance. She also loves writing about businesses and startups.